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1. So one of the best things about living so close to NYC is that I get to go to events like this: MOCKINGJAY MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY AT BOOKS OF WONDER! Holy crap. I am beyond excited, obviously! The event starts at 8pm on August 23rd and Suzanne Collins will be there signing starting at midnight. Anyone going and want to meet up? Last time I went to a midnight release party–for Breaking Dawn–I didn’t really have any writer friends because I was shy and stuff so I dragged the boyfriend. I can’t believe he didn’t break up with me after that and then eventually married me. Because I didn’t just drag him to a midnight release party. Oh no. We had to wait for hours all afternoon for the Stephenie Meyer concert and then he had to sit through it. He was maybe one of ten guys in the entire audience. After dealing with the screaming fans, it only got worse at Borders in Columbus Circle where girls were literally kissing their books when they received them. So I’d rather not subject him to it all again. I’m thinking this is a "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" situation.

Anyway, let me know if you’ll be there so we can meet up.

2. I want to profess my love for the invention of computers. I think I would probably have given up as a writer if I had to do it longhand. Because I’ve been writing thank yous for the wedding and my hand feels like it’s going to fall off after I finish a measly five of them. I have to take long breaks between batches and yet I get on the computer and bang out 500 words in 10 minutes sometimes.

3. I’ve been outlining my new WIP as I mentioned last week. It’s going so well and I’m so excited about this book! The outline is already up to 10k. My outlines are super detailed. I guess they might be more like bare bones first drafts. I put down whatever comes to me so I don’t forget it. In this case, there’s a LOT of dialogue in the outline because the witty banter kept coming. Except the dialogue is written like a script so I get it down fast. There’s no actions either, just descriptions of what happens in the scene. I find doing such detailed outlines helps me when writing the first draft. First, I can visualize it all much easier. Second, I can track plotlines and subplots and make sure everything builds correctly so I don’t end up writing extraneous scenes. Also, it’s much less daunting to delete a paragraph summary than a scene I killed myself over (though I do plenty of that in revisions). Even now I’ve cut paragraphs and changed them in the outline when I realized something wasn’t working. I’m glad I can figure that out at this stage. Generally, I stick pretty close to the outline when writing but things always crop up that forces me to reevaluate it and change it. So it’s nice to have a guide but I also am prepared to be flexible. How do you write? Pants or outline?

4. So I started watching Big Brother 12 last night. I used to be a hardcore fan–I’m talking someone who kept the internet feeds on all the time just so I didn’t miss something. As the years have gone by (aka I’ve matured), I care less and less about keeping track and just watch whatever episodes they put on. (I do read spoilers though in advance to see who got nominated and who won veto. My philosophy on spoilers is if they are making the feeds available for anyone to watch and know the outcome, then it’s okay if I know too. haha.) Anyway, so I was prepared to be mildly interested and then they introduced the Saboteur twist. Basically, it’s like The Mole where one person is not playing to win but instead playing to sabotage the other houseguests. I’m not really sure how well this is going to work in Big Brother because The Mole was set up where someone screwing up the game lessened the prizes you could win and that you had to guess The Mole correctly (or as close as possible) to remain in the game each week. So there was incentive for players to throw others off The Mole’s scent by pretending to be The Mole–if another player fell for it, they might be eliminated and keep you safe another week. This Big Brother Saboteur doesn’t operate under the same principles, the person is basically just a prankster. None of the other players have an advantage to throwing off others. So I’m curious how it will play out.

But the point of me talking about this is that within 5 minutes of the end of the show, I was ADDICTED to figuring out who the damn Saboteur was. I went online and read all this analysis. I read player bios to see if that could give me a clue. I’ve been reading summaries of the feeds. This all just proves how much I like mysteries and how annoyed I get when I can’t figure them out in advance!

Why am I posting this? Because I think this type of study will help me become a better writer. If I can figure it out in advance, then maybe I can use the personality clues and actions of the show’s characters to help me map out a good mystery of my own. I generally write unconventional mysteries (i.e. something the protagonist needs to discover but isn’t usually a Who Done It. In my current retelling, she needs to figure out WHY people are doing what they’re doing because she knows WHO it is all along. I like twisting things up like that.).

So anyone watching? Who do you think it is?

5. Still more time to win books this week! Next week there will be even more to win! Must make room on bookshelves! I’m desperately trying to read all these books so I can give them away and give the author’s publicity with a review!

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        • Wow I am impressed! It’s rare when I can get my husband to read something besides a menu. (Or a cookbook. He brings those to the beach. I mean, that’s good for my appetite but it’s not exactly captivating reading. That’s the sort of book that’s meant to be PUT DOWN between chapters/recipes, haha.)

          • When we first started dating, I used to read to him while we’d drive places (like Moab, which is about 5 hours from here). I started with ENDER’S GAME, and since then, he’s read all the original Ender quartet, along with a couple of the Ender’s Shadow books, a bunch of other OSC stuff — and then I got him going on a few dystopic YA, including Hunger Games.

  1. Yeah, I wish there was more guts to the Saboteur thing. I mean, to me it’s kind of like, so???? Although I guess it’ll make interesting dynamics because if they think it’s one person, that person is obviously out. I mean, locking the food supply? That’s harsh!

    Doesn’t it have to be one of the two who weren’t sitting there when it went pitch black? My boys think that’s too obvious, but I think it must be one of them.

    After all your analysis, who do YOU think it is?

    • re: the pitch black thing. Honestly, I’d be surprised if production didn’t do this one just to throw everyone off. But in analysis I’ve found from people who posted screen caps of that moment, Britanny or Kathy were both absent at first but then sitting on the couch when the lights went back on. Hmmm. (Also, Kristen and Annie were on the floor at first but later on the couch so they moved spots as well though they were at least initially in the room.)

      My money is on one of them. What’s throwing me for a loop though is the BB producers are never all that smart or subtle when planning their twists. haha. In that case, it’s probably Matt since he’s the most like past America’s Choice players, but I’m hoping they want everyone to suspect a guy so they choose a girl this time.

      Britanny and Kathy have both done suspicious things so far during the HOH game–and I find casting a cute engaged girl suspicious on the part of the producers. However, the fact that the show edited them to appear like the Saboteur probably means it’s not them.

      I’m probably way off though and could come up with reasonable justifications for a few others as well: Annie because she seems to be steering suspicions on others on the feeds. Andrew for the immunity. Kristen because she got almost no air time and that seems like something the producers would do to throw people off.

      OMG I am way overanalyzing this! I need to stop!

  2. I always watch Big Brother but I have never done the feeds. i also dont care if i read the spoilers but i dont go out of way my way too. I am going to be addicted to this season though, i can already tell because they are so ridiculous.
    Brittney takes the crazy crown for day one though, my favorite line of the night: “Its obvious he is a flaming homosexual, those are my people.” I laughed for the next 15 minutes

  3. Funny, because despite the invention of computers, I LOVE writing longhand. I wouldn’t ever be able to crank out first drafts of my books otherwise! (Trying to write a first draft via computer always cripples me, because I become a MAJOR perfectionist that way.)

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