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1. Tonight my husband and I are going to see WEEZER at the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn! I’m so excited. The last time I tried to see Weezer–back when I was in high school at this intimate little venue that always enabled me to meet the band afterward–they had to cancel the concert. Finally I am making up for lost times! And even better? I hear the venue is 2 blocks away from the Brooklyn Brewery so we’re going early to hit that up!

2. My wedding is featured on A Design Story today. The first two bullet point wedding ideas are from my wedding as is the crystal tree photo! Also, if you need any party planning ideas, check out Pizzazzerie, a new blog dedicated to all things party. My friend Crista Scibelli writes articles with ideas on it every Tuesday. And the best part? I’ve attended a lot of the parties she discusses! Crista is the Advertising and Branding Manager ofWE tv and Wedding Central so she knows what she’s talking about. Here is her latest article:

3. As you know, I’ve been hosting a VERONICA MARS rewatch and discuss. What I haven’t mentioned is that I’ve been doing a solo Buffy watch and discuss. I’m doing it for several reasons, besides simply wanting to. I’m studying the voice. I think the voice in Veronica and Buffy are similar to each other and to what I write, so I want to really get a handle on it. And also, Buffy is the same age as me. When she was a sophomore, I was a sophomore. When she went to college, so did I, and that’s the main problem. I went to college and ended up having better things (read: boys and parties) to occupy my time than TV. So I haven’t watched any season past 3 (except for the musical episode, of course) and I wanted to see how they turn villain Spike into love interest. This is also book research. I’m at the end of the first season but one thing I’m noticing (besides the fact that Buffy has a lot of the same outfits I had in high school) is how outdated it is! I mean, the show started about a year or two after the internet started. Giles has never used a computer. Cell phones are simply nonexistent, though Buffy does have a beeper. It’s interesting to me how the slang can stay mostly current but the rest of the show and a lot of the conflict are so outdated because a cell phone would likely get the person out of the situation asap. (And the internet would stop them from having to randomly peruse musty old books for the info they need.)

4. My next giveaway will take place on Monday so come back then for details!

5. Writing has been going well this week. I figured out my outline and the first draft is ready to be written. So you know what I’m doing this weekend! What are you doing?

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  1. So…. ANNIE!!!!!! And hahaha – she got voted off.

    I can’t wait to see the house’s reaction when they tell them she was the one.

    Have fun tonight. Off to read about your wedding at A Design Story. 🙂

  2. BUFFY never felt that outdated to me. (And I’m not just saying that because I’m certain there was at least one episode with a cell phone, haha.) Sure, they didn’t rely on the internet for research, but that could have easily been because the information they needed couldn’t BE found on the internet–and if it could, it would be amidst a bunch of misinformation that would be agonizing to sift through. (Okay, it would also be agonizing to search through countless musty books, especially if they don’t have indexes, but I’m guessing the information collected there is a lot more reliable.)

    As for cell phones…I agree, those could’ve helped them get out of a LOT of situations. But they also present their own problems (dead batteries, etc.), so if a viewer wants to update the show in their head and pretend something like that happened off-screen, they easily can. But I think Buffy and the gang NOT having cell phones will seem less outdated than them actually having them in the long run. Technology is being updated all the time, so who knows how weird all the cell phone usage in movies and TV will seem to future generations. The more basic things like books have a timelessness about them that can be appreciated by everybody.

    Oh, gosh, I think about this stuff too much. Sorry for making you read my babble!

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