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(This week’s Veronica Mars discussion is in the post below.)

Before I get to the winner, I want to repost some of your awesome answers to the question I posed.

If you encountered a vampire, what would you do?

 would "stay to see what it wants but if it wants to kill me then I’m getting out of there fast."  agrees. She says, "As much as I hate to admit it. I am sure I would run away as fast as possible and hope they didnt see me. However I would also head straight for a church."

, however, is much braver "If the vampire was bad. I would do everything to kill it. I would wear garlic, bathe in holy water, wear a cross and carry around a wooden and silver stake. I would only go out in the daytime. I would cover all my basis and take no chances." has some awesome tools and tricks to use! "If I encountered a vampire, I would break open my cross necklace (because of course I would have a cross necklace with a special vial for garlic) and also extend the necklace (it extends into a stake, by the way) and knock him out with the garlic and stake him.

I would go towards the more romantic side, but I fear real vampires would laugh at my fictional ideas of them and bite/kill me, haha."

Great answers everyone!

And now for the winner of INFINITE DAYS by Rebecca Maizel!

Using a random number generator because I don’t have time to record a video (and I’ve got a stuffy nose so I’d either sound like a sexy phone sex operator or your great great grandmother).

Let me go back and check my trusty excel document to see who falls on line 29…



Please send me your address to shanasilver at gmail dot com and I will get the book in the mail as soon as possible!

Check back tomorrow for another contest.

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