The Silver Lining | Veronica Mars episode 13: Lord of the Bling

–I will be posting the INFINITE DAYS contest winner later today. I apologize for the delay. I’m on a big work deadline so this week has been free-time free.

I absolutely love the line at the beginning of the episode where Veronica says, ‘We used to be friends. A long time ago." And then the theme song starts up, "A long time ago. We used to be friends…" Clever editing.

I thought this was another well done mystery. I find the best ones have a lot of red herrings. Enough that you ignore who the real culprit is. Also, when the real culprit has their own story arc, it makes you overlook them as part of the main story arc. I also like that the first dismissed suspect ended up playing into the mystery solution but in an entirely different way. It was satisfying…except for the fact that a high school student ran off to get married. But whatever.

Logan. I love Logan. But not in this episode, or at least not in the flashbacks. I felt like his kiss in the flashback didn’t quite fit with his character because at that point in time, his character was supposed to be in love with Lilly. I found that hard to root for because I don’t like boys who cheat. I know it was in his past though so I’m willing to overlook it. I did like the way he dealt with his mother’s death. It was a unique reaction that is true to his character. I prefer when characters have quirky reactions that the average person wouldn’t have because that makes them interesting. Worth watching/reading. And yet, his reaction was also part of the five stages of grief. Denial. He doesn’t believe his mother is dead and he acted like it. The end of the episode gets him involved with Veronica and only good things (Squee!) can come from that!

Love the way Veronica saved Keith’s butt on the case with the valet stubs and bugging the correct room.

What did you think?

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