The Silver Lining | Veronica Mars episode 15: RUSKY BUISNESS
First, I’ll be posting the winners of The Eternal Ones contest tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been swamped at work and have had very little free time in the evenings lately. But look out for the winners tomorrow!

This is another episode where I didn’t remember the mystery solution at all so I found it interesting to watch and I didn’t guess the outcome. Surprisingly, I did remember little things about the mystery, like when Veronica had 3 names to search for, I knew immediately which one it was going to end up being. And I vaguely remembered the Russian lady was lying about something but I couldn’t remember what. There were some good clues here, like how Veronica set up the casting call but the guy wasn’t one of the headshots. Because he wasn’t an actor. I’m nto sure how she knew that the dog had just been to the vet hospital? That seemed way coincidental. But I’ve never owned an animal so that may be my ignorance talking. Also, if the guy is in the witness protection program….why is he mailing a post card from the town he’s living in?!??!? Very dumb move if you ask me. At least drive a few towns over!

LOVED the Veronica/Logan storyline. It’s very obvious he likes her in this episode, like at the very beginning when they’re sitting at lunch together and she gets up to leave and then he follows her. Not only that, in the hallway he puts his arm on hers while talking to her–a very clear sign. He wanted to touch her. And this was totally my move to pick up guys in college! Touch their arm while talking. (Then make an excuse to leave for a bit, but walk by a little bit later and squeeze the arm as you do but don’t stop or say anything. Works every time!) (Except of course if you end up being friends with the guy, that negates the touching of the arm. In that case, you should move in with him as platonic roommates after college and wait a month before you kiss him. Then you simply need to date for 7 more years before you two get married! I’m speaking from experience here.) But anyway…

I also love the scene where Logan breaks down and cries in Veronica’s arms. Her face is priceless–like WTF? and also a little bit sympathetic. This is the moment when Logan realizes his mom is really gone and it takes a strong man to be able to cry in front of a girl. A girl he has a crush on no less. I think this strips apart another layer of Logan that we rarely see, and Veronica has never seen. This definitely brings them closer.

Though I found myself WISHING it was him opening her door at the dance since I didn’t remember who it was. I did, however, remember it was Duncan who liked Meg, though that is not hard to forget considering what happens in season 2. So I was looking for clues during this plotline and there really weren’t any. Just Duncan being "around" when Meg was around and kind of looking around though not necessarily at her. I did like the secret admirer plot. But not as much as I liked…

MANILLA WHORE BARBIE outfit!!!! Adorable!

What did you think?

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  1. I think the moment where Logan breaks down in this episode is my favorite Logan/Veronica moment in the whole series (so far! Halfway through season 3), with the possible exception of the whole facepunch/makeout.

    I didn’t put it together until I saw the title of your post, because I never notice the episode titles while I’m frantically clicking the next button on my Wii controller, but I love all the title references – the actor named Tom Cruz, Logan dressed up like Tom from Risky Business, etc.

    As far as the dog goes, I don’t think she was assuming the dog had recently been to the vet. I think she just found out it was a rare breed (right?) and then started calling around to local vets, figuring she had to find a vet who had that very distinctive dog as a patient eventually, even if it was only for annual check-ups.

  2. Oh, I love this episode so much! This and “Weapons of Class Destruction” are my go-to eps when I need a random VM pick-me-up. Love the way Veronica gets grudgingly suckered into playing Cupid, and you really see her enjoying the role before it all – of course – goes pear-shaped.

    Also love Veronica and Logan as a fake honeymoon couple!

    I think the postcard was a fake. After all, the whole mail-order-bride story was a lie, so why would he have sent that message? My assumption is that they got a lead on him being in Neptune somehow and made the card as a prop to give the P.I. I also concur with the above commenter about the vet thing.

    Love how Meg really shows her friendship for Veronica in this episode. They have fun interactions (“No, you’re super-fine”) and I like that Meg clearly isn’t going to date Duncan without V’s okay. Though I find it boggling that she could walk into a dance without a thought about Duncan in her head, and be dating him ten minutes later. I suppose for some girls that kind of thing is normal, though.

    My one perplexity about this episode has always been: how on earth did Trina get Lynn’s credit cards??

  3. I’m so late to this, but I had to comment since this is one of my favorite episodes too (along with Weapons of Class Destruction). The V / Logan scenes at the hotel are golden, both where they pretend to be a couple and when he realizes Trina is impersonating his mom. There’s that part where Trina mocks Logan for all the abusive things their dad did to him, even when he asks her not to go there (especially in front of Veronica, I assume).

    Anyway, love this one!

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