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1. The winner of THE ETERNAL ONES contest is…


Congrats LENA1XOXO!!! She blew me away with her hilarious responses. Such as this one: "In this past life, I was Cleopatra. Not 1, but 2 tragic loves/losses.

No wonder I hate snakes so much…"

Lena, please email me your address at shanasilver at gmail dot com and I will get the book out to you asap! Congrats!

Lena1xoxo also had some other funny answers, such as this elaborate one:

I was the Duke of Cornwall’s daughter. I was set to marry the Duke of Norfolk’s son, Lord Chester Cheeto.

I told my father several times that I did not want to marry Lord Chester Cheeto. He had bright orange hair and reaked of cheese. But, my father being the Duke of Cornwall, insisted on the marriage. It would ensure my placement in England’s and wealth.

I went to the stables one day to fetch my horse. When I got there, the stable boy happened to be brushing my horse (Mr. Ed). He turned around and I swear, he was the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. I began to ask him about about Mr. Ed’s health and riding. We talked for what felt like hours. Then I had to go. Lord Chester Cheeto was waiting for me by the lake.

Over the next few days, I found myself going to the stables more and trying to catch the stable boy. His name was Johnny Depp, by the way. One day, I was caught in the rain while riding back to the stables, and when I got there, Johnny was there as well, racking hay. He saw me, walked over to me and gave me the most amazing kiss of my life. You know what happened next. We…uhhh…eerrr… "racked hay" together.

He told me he couldn’t live without me and wanted to run away together. We planned our escape, but my father found out and forced me off our land. Lord Chester Cheeto informed my father I was no longer a maiden and he no longer wished to marry me. Good thing too because who would want to be Lady Cheeto and reak of cheese?

As you can guess, my father was not pleased. He argued and yelled at me for days. One morning, I saw my mother with a trunk of my belongings. She told me she thought someone in this family should be happy and feel passion and love. She helped me escape with Johnny Depp and we rode into the sunset.


*wipes tear away*

And this one:

In another past life, I was Rosa Parks. Back then, they didn’t have Dr. Scholl’s like they do now. My feet hurt so bad, I had to sit at the front of the bus. I wish they had pedicures back then.

I loved  ‘s answer: I would have probably been born at a castle of a royal family in Wales- as a chambermaid (possibly with my luck I would have had a precious child around the same time the evil Queen had one and I’d have to be a wetnurse- ugh!).

I’m very unlucky so I’d end up getting beheaded by the overly-fed King.

As well as  ‘s: I think possibly I was a cat. I am awfully fond of naps and cuddles.

Great answers everyone!

2. The job I’m currently working on made TMZ today! Check it out! It’s live on Facebook so you can look at it there as well: I’ve been cutting the celebs out of the greenscreen for your wall-posting pleasure.

3. When I’m not doing that, I’ve been hosting my own Buffy marathon for an audience of one. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been enjoying this. I haven’t seen the show since it first aired and it’s amazing how much I remember…and how much I forget. Certain lines come to me before the characters say them and yet sometimes I don’t remember entire plots! Buffy is such a great character. So strong and tough yet equally vulnerable and sympathetic. I can’t wait until I get to the Spike turns into a love interest stuff. I’m currently midway through season 4. The image on the right is a painting I did of Buffy when I was in high school. It was first manipulated on the computer, then traced onto canvas, then painted. It now hangs in my dad’s office since he’s an eye doctor and it’s sort of an optical illusion. Also, my parents are proud, haha.

4. I’ve also been doing a lot of critiquing. Man, I love to critique so much! And edit! It makes me long for the revision stage. I’m still in first draft mode. I am a much bigger fan of revising than drafting. It’s easier to see what works and what doesn’t. I know how to make it better. I love taking a less-than-par sentence or scene and fixing it until it sparkles. When first drafting, I think every sentence I write sucks, every scene needs work. And it probably does because it hasn’t been made awesome by revisions yet! But I also know I can’t reach revision until I finish the first draft so I’m plowing through until I get to the fun part. I’ve heard it’s good to reward yourself when you achieve your goals and revising is my reward. (Also Buffy. And maybe some chocolate.)

5. This weekend I’m heading to Balitmore with the hubby and some friends to sight see, have fun, and get out of NJ for a bit. Very excited! Though I will be sad to leave Buffy behind until Monday. What are you up to for the weekend?

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  1. Ah, Buffy. I haven’t watched that show in a while, and you’re just making me want to start again every time you mention your marathon-for-one! I know what you mean about the remembering/forgetting. I’ve read Lynne Ewing’s series at least a hundred times and am currently re-reading it AGAIN, yet I’m still discovering new things I hadn’t noticed before (while totally remembering other parts, of course).

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