The Silver Lining | Veronica Mars episode 16: BETTY AND VERONICA

Sorry, that’s the best picture I can find from this episode that isn’t of goat meat. Thanks to Sonia who is going through the previous episode comments now for reminding me I had to get this week’s post up!

This is one of the only episodes of Veroncia that I’ve recently re-watched before I re-watched it again for the purposes of this discussion. I had to watch it for research for my WIP (well, not really a WIP anymore as it’s finished. For now. Because books are never really done, right?). And the weird thing is this episode actually helped me with my new WIP but for a completely different reason than last time. Last time I wanted to see how Veronica was able to attend another school without being enrolled. It didn’t end up helping me because she was only going to lunch and not a class, but I did watch just in case. This time? Well, I’m not going to say because the book is still in research mode.

I found the narrative structure of this one slightly jarring with all the flashbacks that didn’t really need to be flashbacks because they happened only a few days before in the present day timeline. Usually I love the flashbacks but it did feel like two completely separate episodes mashed into one in a non-seamless way.

Love how Veronica infiltrates the other school though I wonder how small the school is for the students to notice a new kid. I guess when you graduate from a school with over 2000 kids like I did, it’s very easy to see tons of faces you don’t recognize. (Until they show up again on reality TV that is.)

I also like how Veronica was the one baking the cookies for Wallace. Very sweet gesture. That could have easily been a clue to the mystery of the week if it wasn’t her doing it (like someone trying to drug Wallace or something.)

I’m still not entirely sure I understand the whole betting thing or what a "line" is. I really tried to pay attention this time and I think I get it but I could be way off? It’s probably because it involves math and statistics and my brain prefers dealing with pretty words and pictures than daunting numbers.

I like the mystery reveal. I think that was a good solution. But what school has live mascots?

Veronica’s comment about being "Horny" at her old school reminded me of the subplot in Speak where the school keeps changing their mascot because each one ends up being too easy for jokes.

Also…no Logan? Cry. But how awkward was the scene between Veronica/Meg/Duncan/Celeste and Jake Kane?

What did you think?

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