The Silver Lining | Veronica Mars discussion delayed

I just wanted to let you know that the Veronica Mars episode 17 discussion will be delayed until Friday. I have a major work deadline tomorrow (I’m still working at 10:30pm. *cry* This is seriously cutting into my Mockingjay reading time. And sleep.) so I won’t have time to watch episode 17 until Friday.

Also I hope to post a recap and some fun pics from the Mockingjay release party at Books of Wonder, though I did tweet most of them.

I’ve been avoiding twitter for far too long to prevent being spoiled. I stopped reading tweets last week because I heard the book was released early some places and so I went cold turkey. I am going through twitter withdrawal! I need an addiction patch or something. Maybe a 12-step program or at least a filter on my browser that self-destructs anytime someone posts a spoiler and immediately shuts itself down to prevent my eyes from viewing the sensitive information. That self-destructing internet browser may also be good for writing. Self-destructs anytime I try to stray away from Scrivener. Except for research, of course. Or to refresh my email a bazillion times a minute.

Anyway, twitter, I MISS YOU! I hope you’re able to function without me. I know it must be hard as I am so vital to your daily functions. #delusional

(Sigh. I miss hashtags.)

(Also how sad is it that I’m so excited to commute into NYC tomorrow morning for a meeting because I can read on the commute? I never thought I’d miss Lincoln Tunnel traffic and the long walk to the 1 train under Port Authority so much until I started working from home, haha.)

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