The Silver Lining | Friday Five TV edition and Veronica Mars episode 17 discussion

1. A video I edited for work made it onto TMZ! I’m very excited by this. I had to go through all the footage and find the best outtakes and then edit them together.

Video editing is a lot like revising. I have a random bunch of scenes and I have to find a narrative between them to keep the viewer’s/reader’s attention. It’s great when my day job can be considered research (or practice?) for writing! haha.

2. Don’t forget there’s still plenty of time to enter my contest to win a signed copy of LOSING FAITH by Denise Jaden! Don’t fret if you don’t win this time, I’ll have several other opportunities to win a signed copy over the next few weeks.

3. I finished my Buffy re-watch marathon that took me all summer. I can’t say how much I enjoyed this. And I can’t say enough how in love with Spike I am. This rewatch ended up being another good lesson in characterization and plotting for me. Back in high school when the show first aired, I was IN LOVE with Angel and was so depressed that he left for his own show that I stopped watching Buffy, which was by far my favorite show. I’d seen random episodes since then but not the entire arc. Now I realize not only did I miss out, but I was wrong.

Because this time around I didn’t like Angel at all. Instead I fell for Spike. Now, back in season 2 Spike was my favorite character, only because he was an interesting villain, different from other vampires. But I wasn’t rooting for him when I first watch. This time, I was.

I tried to analyze what exactly changed and I figured it out. Angel is intriguing at first because he’s mysterious. He’s a good vampire fighting bad vampires, which was the concept that initially made me love him. But Spike is too eventually. Yet there’s a major difference between them. Angel is only good because he’s cursed to be. As soon as the curse is lifted, he doesn’t love Buffy, tries to kill her and all her friends–and ENJOYS torturing her. Spike did too at first in season 2, but by the end of the season, he makes a deal with her to save the world. Angelus could never do anything like that. More importantly, when Spike fights on the side of good, it’s because he CHOOSES to. Angelus gives into the demon inside him. Spike overcomes it. He goes out on his free will to earn a soul to be a better man for Buffy after being horrified by his own actions. Spike has the capacity to love as a vampire with and without a soul, Angel does not. Angel leaves Buffy at the end of season 3 to give her a "normal" life. Spike knows Buffy can never have a normal life and doesn’t try to change her, he tries to change himself to fit within her life.

But really, it all comes down to one essential point. Angel is a good guy who turns bad. Spike is a bad guy who turns good. And what I find the most interesting is that I like Angel better when he’s BAD and Spike better when he’s GOOD. I like where they end up, not where they start off.

I noticed, after watching, that most of my favorite book love interests have the same essential story arc. Edward Cullen is a vampire who chooses to be good. I think one of the greatest cliffhangers (or maybe scenes) ever in a book is the end of SPIRIT BOUND by Richelle Mead. (And then there’s Logan Echolls–bad boy turned good.) I always thought I liked the idea of a good guy turning bad the most because BECOMING PART 2 is probably my second favorite episode of TV ever (right behind SELF-ESTEEM when Jordan holds Angela’s hand on My So-Called Life). But I have never been more enthralled then when watching Spike transform himself into a good guy. And he doesn’t jsut do it for Buffy. Buffy dies and he still helps fight alongside the scoobies and raise Dawn. There’s no ulterior motive there, and he’s still soulless at that point. *swoon* So it’s the bad boys turning good that I like more.
*also, um, the sex scene where they make the house fall down? HOT!

And subconsciously, I must have always known I like bad boys turning good or good boys turn bad because I’ve been exploring this theme for the last year in my WIP.

4. I’m glad I finished the Buffy marathon when I did because I CAN’T BELIEVE FALL SHOWS START NEXT WEEK. This is good and bad. Bad because now I’ll be stressed again trying to tape 5 shows in a single hour, like Mondays at 8pm but good because…

This man has been off my screen for far too long.

And what do you know! It’s another bad boy turned good because he made the choice to. Surprise surprise why I like him.

5. Speaking of bad boys who turn good, that brings us to Veronica Mars episode 17 discussion. Hopefully well worth the week and one day wait. All that really means is that we just have to be a bit more patient to discuss next week’s episode, which is my favorite (and everyone else’s!).

This episode definitely moved the season-long plots forward. More time was spent on those than on the mystery-of-the-week, which was a refreshing change. We got a ton of new information about Lilly’s murder, the info that Keith had already gathered, about Abel Koontz, and even Clarence Wiedman.

Things I loved:
-The Logan/Veronica interaction, of course. In a blog post about fictional boys I love, I can’t ignore this. I think this definitely pushes them closer. Veronica expects Logan to rat on her to his friends but instead he not only keeps her secret, he asks her questions about it, helps her out by revealing information only he knew. It’s obvious he wants to help, that he cares about solving this case just as much as she does. And maybe he also cares about her. Sa-woon.
-Vinny VanLowe. He’s a great character. I love his cocky "Private Eyes" song, thinking he totally figured Veronica out when she outsmarted him. Like she always does.
-And last but not least, I LOVED that Keith accepted that Veronica was not going to stop investigating and he decided to join up with her, letting her into the safe and everything. Their relationship is one of the best father/daughter relationships I’ve seen and I love that even though he’s mad that she went behind his back, he loves her enough to stick by her. These two are a team at home–and at work–and the case was the only thing causing a subtle rift between them. But now it’s not, because they’re a team on this too!

The mystery of the week wasn’t very intriguing and was very obvious from the start. They tried to throw us off by having the guy appear innocent only to have actually hired Vinny. Still, there was enough good to out way the bad.

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  1. I also love watching (and rewatching) Buffy. And love Spike best 🙂 The transition of bad to good (and the precariousness of every step) is great to see, and learn about from a writing standpoint.

  2. I love Spike, too, for the exact reasons you mentioned. His progression from bad-to-good is not only fun to see, but totally believable and very well crafted. I’d love to be able to pull off character development like that someday–whether that development is from bad-to-good OR good-to-bad. (And NOT in the Angel/Angelus way. While it was an interesting concept on BUFFY, the switch was just WAY too easy for me. Gradual progression FTW!)

  3. I just wanted to say I am *so* with you on the Angel vs. Spike thing. It’s always driven me crazy when people go on about the bad things Spike did, because, hello, he didn’t even have a soul and he still managed to do plenty of good things, too, whereas Angel never did a single good thing soulless. *grrr*

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