The Silver Lining | World Premiere Spoof video (and contest results)

Today’s the world premiere of a spoof music video Jen Hayley have been working on for the last month or so. We had a BLAST shooting this, often ruining takes because of laughing too much. It’s quite embarrassing, which is all part of the fun! I also find it hilarious that no one even looked at us funny for carrying a life-sized cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen through the streets of NYC. Apparently, it takes a lot of phase New Yorkers.

We shot the video on three separate days at a variety of locations (NYC, my apartment, my sister’s apartment, and all over Hoboken and Edgewater, NJ). We both edited parts of the video. I had just as much fun editing it as I did shooting it! Jen did the singing. (You should be very grateful that I had no part in the singing as your ear drums–and possibly all the glass near you–will remain in tact when listening.) I created the visual effects such as Edward’s sparkle and the bouncing head lyrics. We both wrote the lyrics. I must give a shout out to Crista Scibelli for helping us with filming and to my sister for letting us use her apartment as well as a photo of her as a kid for the Renesmee scene!




Also today I have the winner of the signed copy of LOSING FAITH. Thanks so much to everyone who entered! I had a great time reading your Big Plans for life! I hope you all achieve your goals!

Congrats to


Please email me your address at shanasilver at gmail dot com so I can send the sign LOSING FAITH book your way!!!

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