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Hello my name is Shana, and I have an addiction. To television. You might say I’m wasting time but the thing is, I’m really good at multi-tasking. During nano one year, I managed to keep up with all my shows during November sweeps, write 96k in one month, still read 1-2 books a week, critique someone’s novel. Plus work 12 hour days. So I don’t consider my addiction a bad thing because I don’t let it interfere with the other things I need to do. I usually write during commercials or my commute. I catch up on episodes while getting ready in the morning or for bed, while cooking dinner. There are some shows I only half pay attention to so I can do other things at the same time. I know how to squeeze it all in by doing several things at once.

But I’m really stressed today because all the new shows start except for the ones on the CW, which started 2 weeks ago. Except they’re still airing new episodes so that doesn’t change things.

So tonight, within the hours of 8-10pm, I have TEN hours worth of TV I want to watch. And the real problem is I only have 2 TVs. Each TV has a DVR. That’s 4 slots per hour but I need five per hour. So one show must get the ax.

I had it all worked out. I made a schedule of what I would tape where. I figured out I could never ever make plans on Monday nights because each week I must be home so I can stop taping one show per hour and flip back and forth between that and Dancing With The Stars (since I only really want to see The Situation perform because I think it’s freaking cool that someone I sat a few desks away from in homeroom is now on such a big show). I was proud of myself. I made it all work.

And then…my husband dropped a bomb on me with three little words.

Monday. Night. Football.

GAH! So now I somehow need to get rid of another show per hour. I know I can watch something online, but the thing is, unless it’s on my DVR, I probably won’t remember it exists. The shows I adore that I would never forget about are NOT the ones I can wait until the next day for. And also, watching online will severely interfere with my multitasking. It will make it difficult to do other things on the computer at the same time, or cook dinner without destroying my computer since I have a habit of splattering things around the kitchen (but mostly it just lands in my hair).

So what do I cut? Lonestar, which I think I probably won’t like because I’m sure I’ll find the protagonist unsympathetic. But at the same time, I’m curious to see if they can pull off the sympathy for someone that appears to be so unlikable on paper. Or Mike and Molly. I love Chuck Lorre’s other comedies but it seems smarter to ax a half hour show and free up the entire hour that way (since I don’t watch the other show in that timeslot). The thing is, I don’t think all the CBS comedies are available on the website, or at least they weren’t in previous years. Decisions, decisions. I like to give every show that’s not a legal drama, crime scene investigation (aka anything bloody), or medical show a chance. Because some of my favorite shows (Chuck, for example) are ones I didn’t think i would like when I heard about them.

I think this is my DVR schedule as of right now. The hubby agreed to watch House online so that freed up a slot in the 8pm hour for his football. I bolded the shows I plan to watch live. You can see just how insane I am. And it will only get worse at midseason because most of the shows I was interested in when they announced them at the upfronts are being held until Midseason. Also, midseason is when the ABC Family and USA Network shows I watch come back. Eeek! I’m scared already just thinking about it!!!!

I think not only do I need another TV/DVR, but I need another room in my one-bedroom apartment to put it in. It’s very clear to me now that we must move so I can keep up with my TV addiction. Also, because I’m even more insane than this, I’ve decided to start watching the Angel series after my Buffy marathon. TNT airs two episodes each morning so I’ve been taping those as well.


  DVR #1 DVR #2
Monday 8pm Chuck 90210
  How I Met Your Mother/Dancing With The Stars Football/House
Monday 9pm Gossip Girl Mike and Molly OR Lonestar
  The Event (Will watch Tuesday at 9pm with friends.) Football
Monday 10pm Hawaii Five-O (I’m not interested in this show but James Marsters
is in the first episode and I heart him so…I shall watch.)
Tuesday 8pm  Glee  
   No Ordinary Family  
 Tuesday 9pm  Life Unexpected  Raising Hope/Running Wilde
   Slot needs to be open to watch The Event  
 Wednesday 8pm  Survivor  The Middle/Better With You
 Wednesday 9pm  Hellcats  Modern Family/Cougar Town
 Thursday 8pm  Vampire Diaries  My Generation
   Big Bang Theory/!@#$% My Dad Says  Community
 Thursday 9pm  The Office/Outsourced  Grey’s Anatomy
 Saturday 11:30pm  Saturday Night Live  
 Sunday 8pm  Football  The Amazing Race
 Sunday 9pm  Dexter (Husband’s show)  Desperate Housewives
 Sunday 10pm  Mad Men (Husband’s show)  Brothers and Sisters

And just to keep track of what I’ve watched so far:

Vampire Diaries: possibly the best thing on TV right now. Both episodes were INSANE and I loved them. This is one of the only shows I shut my computer for and give it my full attention. Ahhh Damon. Sa-woon. And I’m enjoying the character twists introduced so far. Katherine is awesome. Caroline was awesome in the last episode. And again, I think Damon needs another swoony shout out.
Life Unexpected: This is the other one I give full attention to (besides Glee, Big Bang Theory, Cougar Town, and Community). I heart Baze so much. But I am so sick of teacher/student relationships, particularly when the teacher meets the student in a bar and mistakes her for older. I liked Bug so I’m kind of bummed this show went there. BUT! Emma Caulfield is coming! Anya from Buffy! I am beyond excited. Also, I have a crush on Baze.
Gossip Girl: I’m kind of meh on this show but I’m hoping more will they/won’t they with Chuck and Blair will renew my interest. Also, I’m glad Jenny is off my TV for a while.
90210: I really don’t like this show and yet…I keep watching. What is wrong with me? There’s not one character I actually like, except maybe Liam. And Ivy is new and interesting. The rest can all die.
Hellcats: I loved Bring It On. This was essentially the same story as Bring It On but from Missy/Marti’s POV instead of Torrence/Savannah. And yet, I like it. The characters have interesting quirks. I already feel connected to them. Plus, Ashley Tisdale and my sister used to do community theater together in NJ when they were kids so I like watching for that.
Nikita: I’m not hooked yet. The show is really complicated and since I only half pay attention to it, I keep getting confused. I don’t care about the characters yet. I’m not clear on what Nikita’s goal is (yes, she wants to take down the organization but I’m not getting her motivation for the weekly missions or what they have to do to help her achieve her long-term goal) and the chemistry between Nikita and the guy they’re trying so hard to be an enemy-turned-love-interest is just falling flat. I never saw the original series so maybe that’s a handicap for me.
Survivor: It’s been like 21 seasons or something and yet, I still love it. As long as no one catches a fish, I can’t turn my eyes away.

So what shows are you watching? What have you watched and liked/disliked so far?

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  1. I’ve been marathoning season 1 of Vampire Diaries and now I’m all caught up. I’m kind of obsessed with it at present, actually. Damon is totally swoon-worthy. And I love Caroline. I’m eager to see what happens next with her.

    I also watch Gossip Girl & Glee–the former mostly for Chuck/Blair.

  2. Wow, that’s impressive 😉 I’m looking forward to The Event — and I never miss The Amazing Race. Modern Family is a definite go, and we like Parenthood (probably because we are parents). I’ll probably start out watching Grey’s, but if it’s like previous years, I’ll get sick of it a couple months into the show…I’m not really a huge TV watcher, but I love to read with the TV on in the background.

  3. You just made me so glad we don’t have cable.

    I watch a few shows online, usually on my lunch break: HIMYM, The Office, Community, Big Bang Theory, Glee. Desperate Housewives I watch with my friends every Sunday, followed by whatever awesomely bad reality show is airing on VH1. Then I’ll wait until House and Grey’s come out on DVD and I’ll Netflix them. I cannot imagine having to think about all those scheduling conflicts! It’s awesome that you make it work 🙂

  4. O_O Wow, and I thought *I* watched a lot of TV.

    I love THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Caroline is my favorite character on that show. (How touching was that scene between her and Stefan in the bathroom?)

    I love LIFE UNEXPECTED, too, but Bug? Not so much. I mean, I like his character, but he needs to grow up a little before being with Lux again. I just can’t stand how he sometimes speaks to her.

    And HELLCATS is such a fun show so far. I’m surprised, despite loving BRING IT ON. I thought for sure this would turn into some forgettable CW show, like 90210. (Used to watch that, but…eh. Like you said, it’s hard to care about the characters.)

    • I didn’t like Bug for most of last season but during one of the later episodes when we got his backstory, they completely tugged at my heartstrings and I did a complete 180 on his character and started rooting for him. Not necessarily with Lux, but to get a better life.

      And yes, I loved the scene between Caroline and Stefan in the bathroom!

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