The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. I’m back to revising my book and oh, I missed it so much. I love these characters and I think these changes are exactly what the book needed! Very excited. Also making progress on my outline for nano. I took a rather long writing break over the summer mostly because I needed to recharge my batteries but also because of insane work deadlines. It feels good to write again.

2. Next Friday I’m heading to LA for a wedding and from there going on a 7-day cruise with my entire extended family. Except for my poor husband since I’m ditching him! He starts a new job the Monday after the wedding so he’s flying back to NJ by himself and I’ll room with my cousin. I’m looking forward to the trip but man, I’m stressed about what books to bring! I still have so many I haven’t read from BEA. I think so far I’m definitely bringing Beautiful Darkness, Ascendant, and The Mockingbirds. But I want one or two more since I tend to get a lot of reading done while laying by the pool. I’ve also got copies of Losing Faith I’m giving to my mom and sister so I can always read that again if I need to! I love Denise’s story!

Also, I’m already stressed about how behind on TV I will be due to the cruise. I hope my DVR doesn’t explode.

3. The cruise interferes with NYC Comic Con so unfortunately I won’t be going like I was planning and stalking meeting James Marsters to declare my undying love for Spike.

4. I know I’m behind on my Veronica Mars posts. With the all the new shows premiering in the last two weeks, I haven’t had time to watch the last two episodes. I’m hoping to catch up on the cruise and post when I get back.

5. Speaking of shows, here’s my scorecard of what I liked and didn’t like so far:

Chuck: Great first episode, I’m liking the new Buy More and the storyline with his mom is already intriguing. I hope they bring back Jeffster!
How I Met Your Mother: I have a love/hate relationship with this show. I HATE Ted with a passion. I hate the flimsy premise because it suspends my disbelief too much to think those kids would really sit there and listen to this long-ass story that mostly HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MEETING THE DAMN MOTHER! But. There are things I like about the show, Alyson Hannigan, Robin Sparkles, some of the commentary the show makes about life as a 20-something in NYC (since I am 20-something and I work in NYC). Barney is hit or miss for me, I prefer when he’s not womanizing and is just being quirky. However, the baby storyline with Marshall and Lily made me cry at the end of last week’s episode so that made me like the episode despite the fake outs the writers tried to implement about the mother.
90210: I’m on the verge of giving up this show. I pretty much groaned when I realized it was all I had left on my DVR and that’s not a good sign.
Gossip Girl: Predictable plotlines (such as the baby one) don’t keep me invested but when I got to the Chuck/Blair scene at the end, I swooned. Also, I’m intrigued by what Juliet’s up to. If they just eliminated every character but Nate, Chuck, and Blair (and I guess the parents can stay), I’d enjoy this show more.
The Event: I went into watching this not really knowing anything about the premise but not expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was great! Well written. I loved the non-linear chronological storytelling. It did a great job of increasing mystery and constantly twisting around the plots. I liked the weirdness of the "Event" at the end and the way you just knew some characters were up to know good. I liked that it wasn’t predictable. That’s not to say it didn’t have it’s problems (like why in the world did secret service just allow the president to sit there?) but so far I’m hooked and eager to see next week’s episode.
Mike and Molly: I didn’t really think it was all that funny and I found the supporting characters (mom and sister) extremely annoying. But I so love the actress who plays Molly so I’ll give it another chance next week.
Lonestar: I taped it but then it got such bad ratings that I probably won’t watch since I don’t want to end up liking a show that is almost certainly getting canceled.
Dancing With The Stars: My brilliant plan to flip back and forth failed because every time I did, it was on commercials. Grrr. I didn’t get to see The Situation dance!!!

Glee: I loved every minute of it. I especially loved how the writers brought on the new characters, specifically the female football coach. At the beginning of the episode, I could care less about her. I was annoyed she was taking up screen time instead of the characters I liked. But WOW! They completely changed my opinion and by the end of the episode, I loved her so much. I’m so impressed with how the writers were able to make me sympathize for her, feel bad for her when she was crying, CARE for her in only a few scenes. That’s something to study. Loved Puck, found Rachel more annoying than ever, and Brittany had great one-liners. Can’t wait for the Britney Spears episode next week since I have a habit of dressing up as her in her various costumes for Halloween.
Life Unexpected: Still not feeling the teacher/student storyline and at the beginning of the episode when the other teacher showed her the midterm answers in his bag, I then kept watching every scene thinking, "Is she going to steal the test now?" "How about now?" "Why hasn’t she stolen it yet?" So by the time she actually did steal it, I was annoyed she didn’t think of it sooner! But then Anya from Buffy was there and I love her and I liked how Cate’s speech at school inspired Baze to get the job instead of what it was supposed to do: inspire Lux.
Raising Hope: I thought the premiere was funny and heart warming but I’m afraid it might end up the same way My Name Is Earl did for me where I really liked it at first but by the middle of the first season I gave it up since I found the characters a bit too dimwitted to root for.
Running Wilde: I was so excited for this show because a) Felicity and b) it’s about an environmental activist and I wrote a book about an environmental activist. I personally adored the show, it had fun, quirky characters, lots of jokes that made me laugh, and I’m a sucker for guys pining after girls. I know others didn’t like the show but I can’t wait for next week!

Survivor: I love when tribes fall apart so early.
The Middle: OMG I adore this show so much. I love every single character! It’s weird because I kind of can’t stand Patricia Heaton as an actress in anything else but in this one I think she’s fabulous! I love Sue wearing the sweatshirt until she passed out and Brick saying his backpack had his pack. This show is so fun.
Better With You: So the interesting thing about this show is that it’s a very similar situation to my life. I’m the older sister who was with her boyfriend for 7 years before they finally got hitched. My younger sister comes along, starts dating a guy, and it only took them a few months to get engaged. Now the situations are different, like the guy my sister started dating had been her best friend for three years and unlike the older sister who claimed not getting married was a "valid life choice" I was pretty stressed about not being engaged for a good 3 years. I’m not sure how I feel about this one yet. I think the older sister had some cringeworthy line deliveries but I love Johanna Garcia and thought she was great. The second half made me laugh more than the first.
Undercovers: I’ve DVRed it but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.
Hellcats: Still liking this one. I especially liked the law story they had to crack and the clever way they did it.
Modern Family: OMG I must try chocolate milk with salt immediately!!!
Cougar Town: HA on the "Still Cougar Town" written on the title card. I don’t know why this show doesn’t get more love. I think it’s awesome. LOVED when Travis and Laurie are being loud at night and the boyfriend randomly pops up and says, "Can you be quiet? I have to take the bar tomorrow!" Because I remember when my sister had to take the bar and she was nutso with sleep and studying.

Vampire Diaries: Can I take Damon home with me? Also, I’m now officially shipping Caroline and Stefan. I’m seriously intrigued by the new information about Katherine. This is the show i look forward to the most every week. I’ll probably even have to download it to my iphone in the airport on the way home from the cruise so I can watch it on the plane!
Big Bang Theory: Hilarious!!!!!! I love how asexual Sheldon is. And the stuff about Penny being a slut.
Community: I’m totally shipping Annie and Jeff and I think this show is great. I love that Senior Chang is now a student. And yay for Betty White.
Nikita: I liked this episode a lot more than the previous ones because things were more clear to me. I understood Nikita’s motivation this week. I liked how Alex interfered. I was glad that everything that happened resulted from characters making it happen and we got to see how it played out.
My Generation, The Office, Outsourced, Grey’s Anatomy, !@#$% My Dad Says, Jersey Shore: I haven’t watched these yet. I had plans last night and so that screwed up my TV watching schedule (even though it was a fun girls night!).

What shows have you liked so far? Disliked? Sound off!!!

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  1. The Situation sucked but he only had five days of practice whereas everyone else had weeks.

    And I love how the younguns are turning on each other on Survivor! Although I’m closer in age to the younguns, I’m rooting for the old folks. Coach Jimmy is cool 🙂

  2. LOVED Glee! Also loved Jersey Shore–I can’t help myself! I know I shouldn’t love it as much as I do, but it’s just so good.

    Also, James Marsters? Ooh, girl. Too bad you don’t get to meet him!

  3. I find the insanely long storytelling on HIMYM completely believable, actually. You wouldn’t believe how many conversations I’ve listened to where people not only go on and on, but off topic, forcing me to go, “Can you get to the point?” And then it takes another eternity until they finally do. XD

    And GLEE! I was surprised by how much I loved the season premiere, since this show is usually very on/off for me. I agree completely about the coach–she’s my favorite new character! (But oh, what was up with Rachel when she was singing with Sunshine? I thought she was going to start making out with her or something.)

    And I ship Caroline/Stefan, too. They’re so cute together! Plus, you gotta love it when someone can actually bring out Stefan’s more cheerful side for five minutes. 😛

    As for THE MIDDLE…yes-yes-yes! No, I can’t be more coherent than that, because this show is just too awesome for words. So glad it’s finally back!

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