The Silver Lining | A few things

1. I’m trying to pack and get ready to leave tomorrow morning. I’m flying to LA for my cousin’s wedding and then going on a cruise that leaves out of LA to Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, and Puerta Vallarta. So I’m going to be MIA from the blogging/twitter world for the next 10 days thanks to forced internet withdrawal on the high seas! I’m excited about it though. I think it’s good to unplug every now and then. I’m bringing my computer and hoping to get some outlining done on the new book! Also reading. (And eating!)

2. I can’t fly all the way to LA and not try to meet up with some fab YA writers so I’m very excited to go for drinks with Gretchen McNeil on Friday and then with Jessica Love on Saturday!

3. I had high aspirations of watching like 15 hours of TV today to catch up with my hectic schedule but only made it through 3 hours. *headdesk* So I’m going to be pretty behind when I get back. I hope my DVRs don’t explode! This was good though, because it forced me to cancel some season passes for shows I just wasn’t that into. (Or shows on the verge of being canceled.)

4. I’ll probably check my email once a day so if anything awesome happens, send me an email!

5. I’m hoping they show Eclipse on my flight!

I’ll miss you, internet!

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