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Well, I’m back from the wedding and the cruise. Both were great. It was freeing to unplug for a week but also stressful because I was antsy to be connected and check my email any time I want like I’m used to. My boy did a great job taking care of my beloved DVRs and I’m almost caught up with all the shows I missed. This was a great way to show me which shows I actually like and don’t because to my surprise, I chose to watch 90210 very early so I must actually like it because I was excited for it. Shows I’ve been avoiding watching? Nikita, Brothers and Sisters, and Desperate Housewives. I’m shocked! I thought I liked Desperate Housewives!

I had a fabulous time meeting up with Jessica Love. She came with me to an after party at the wedding with free drinks and subsequently had to meet my entire family. And then she took my sister and me to In and Out burger because I was eager to have it! It’s so nice to talk books and writing in person with people who GET IT. And I’m so glad we finally got to meet in person after chatting online for over a year.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have that much time to read while I was on the ship. That’s the problem with going in a group of 10 people, someone always wants to talk to you! Adding to that, 2 out of 3 sea days were freezing cold so I couldn’t be outside reading and instead went on a useless trivia winning spree. I can’t do the general trivia or sports trivia but give me TV trivia, movie quotes, or movie theme songs and I’ll rock it. Even if I’ve never seen most of the movies or TV shows. It does help that I took some super vital classes in college like HISTORY OF PRIME TIME TV (honestly, this was the HARDEST class I’ve ever taken and most people failed it. I only got an A because I have a photographic memory so if I transcribe notes, I generally remember them). (I should also note that I work in the TV industry so that class was actually important to my career and not a slacker class like the History of Rap Music class I took.)

Though I didn’t get to read more than 50 pages while I was away, this book (—>) was waiting for me when I got home thanks to an ARC tour Jessica Love organized. I’m already halfway through and squee! I’m totally in love with Etienne St. Clair. I absolutely love that this is a contemporary YA getting so much buzz. Yay for contemporary! I will be sad to part with this one when I send it to the next person on the tour.

Also, I saw TOY STORY 3 both ways on the plane and balled my eyes out each time. I loved it so much! But now I feel bad for shoving all my old toys in the crawl space. I didn’t throw any out though so at least they’re all still together.

So what did I miss while I was away?!

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