The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. I could really use some good news right now to balance out the horrible week I’ve had. Horrible week isn’t writing related. More like, my-arm-is-all-bandaged-and-I-can’t-bend-it related.

2. After a long stint of working from home or just not working, I got booked on a 4-6 week job in NYC. This seems to happen every November. I think I’m going to have all the free time in the world to work on my nano project and then I get booked for the entire month. It’s because I work in graphics and Holiday commercials or Superbowl commercials or mid-season TV shows need graphics (or title sequences) and that stuff always happens in November. So I thought I’d use this time to remind everyone about what I do to squeeze in writing when it seems like I don’t have time. Because this job? I’ll be working from 10am-8pm at least every day, probably sometimes longer. Add on my hour+ commute and that doesn’t leave much free time. I also don’t get a lunch break (it’s considered a working lunch since the company pays for it) so that’s out. Plus, November sweeps on TV. How can I give that up?! So here is what i plan to do:

  • Wake up just a little bit earlier, even a 1/2 hour early. I’m a morning person so it’s better to utilize my brain then. In my case, I’ll probably wake up, get on the bus, and then do writing in the city, maybe in Au Bon Pain in Port Authority since I need coffee to really jumpstart the brain and I don’t want to drink anything before my commute. Plus, there’s no internet to distract me in the city.
  • Write on my bus commute. This is touch and go since I don’t always get a seat but if I do, that’s at least a 1/2 hour of uninterrupted writing each way.
  • Write during commercials, I can usually bang out 100-200 words each commercial, that adds up
  • Write sentence by sentence while I’m at work. (SHHH!) This worked really well for me in the past. While I’m working on other stuff, I construct a sentence in my head. Then I quickly jot it down into a blank email. I go back to working for a bit, and then wash, rinse, repeat. Since graphics generally doesn’t use the keyboard to do work, it’s hard to sneak in writing large chunks at a time. I find if I do it in short bits, it’s not suspicious, especially since the way the office communicates is via gchat and so it could jsut be that I’m writing to a co-worker about the project.
  • 500 word challenges with friends. Usually these take 10-15 minutes. You both go online, twitter or gchat. Someone says go. You can’t come back until you’ve finished. Do 4 of these a day and you’re ahead of the game.
  • Write more words than necessary on weekends to make up for any slacking I may need to do if work goes super late.
  • Write at least 5k the first day even if I have to stay up super late. This way, i already start out way ahead.
  • Whenever you find yourself with extra time, instead of surfing the internet, use that time to write excess words.

I generally like to do 3k a day during nano so I can finish the entire first draft in one shot since I can’t wait to get to the revising part. I love to revise. First drafting? Not so much. I try to rush through it because then I can slow down, take a breath, and do the real work. I can make it better during revisions. I just need something down so I can edit and I know I pretty much end up rewriting every sentence during revisions to make them better but that’s okay.

So even if I work 12 hours a day, I plan to make my word count. I know you can do it too!

3. I have my nano project all outlined. I’ve been doing research for some things I need to know more about because my characters have hobbies I don’t have. I’m so excited to start!

4. Check out the food at this party, which is featured on the site Pizzazzerie today. The party was held in my apartment and I can attest that the food was delicious! There was also a whole spread of dinner food cooked by my husband and two other guys. Did you hear that? None of the girls did the cooking!
Here’s a preview with images:

5. By popular request from Heather Trese, who uses my list to help remember what she needs to watch, here’s my TV show breakdown for the week:
90210: In a shocking twist this week, 90210 was a rerun and I was…upset about it. OMG I LIKE THIS SHOW.
Gossip Girl: I was not upset that it was a rerun. I hope it gets better soon because I’m losing interest. I heard some minor spoilers that intrigue me though.
Hawaii Five-O: I stopped watching after the pilot because they killed off Spike James Marsters, but I hear he’s coming back on the show so I guess this means I need to start watching again. I need more James Marsters in my life.
How I Met Your Mother: If this show didn’t have Ted, I’d like it so much more. Needs more Robin Sparkles, which I hear is coming.
Chuck: Now that Chuck and Sarah are together, my interest has definitely waned a little but I’m intrigued enough by the evil Mom storyline and I like the supporting characters enough to keep me going. Plus I think Chuck reminds me of what an older version of my love interest Chess might look and act like.
The Event: This totally fills my Lost gap. I’m really enjoying the show. I like how the females are kick butt and smart and don’t wait for the guy to save them from situations, they save themselves. I’m also intrigued by the mystery and thinking they’re from the future, not aliens.
Life Unexpected: Dramaz for the married couple. I am still totally shipping Cate and Baze and I wish more people watched this show. I heart it. PLUS! Anya! From Buffy! And she sort of has the same Anya-like personality of being blunt and not caring about anything.
Glee: I love everything about this show but mostly I love Brittany. I am sad that Puck is MIA for more than one episode. I’m also not quite looking forward to the Rocky Horror Picture Show episode since I’ve never seen that movie nor do I know any music from it. I feel like a lot of people in the target audience of 18-49 for the show probably haven’t seen the original, I’m guessing about half the audience since I’m nearly 30 and I polled all my friends and none of us have seen it. If we haven’t, I’m guessing a large majority of people younger than us haven’t either. But I will still watch the show of course. I just probably won’t get most of the references.
Running Wilde: I’m totally the only one who likes this show based on the ratings but I think it’s hilarious.
Raising Hope: I’m still liking this one but I think it’s the kind of show that I’ll get sick of after a while.
Melissa and Joey: Why yes I’m still watching this. And why yes I laugh each episode. I have no life.
Hellcats: I only half paid-attention to the last episode. Not a good sign. I don’t quite care about any of the characters yet and I’m not super invested in their cheerleading team.
The Middle: I heart this show so much! Everything about it! But mostly Sue! Or wait, maybe Brick. No, just all of them.
Better With You: I have two episodes I haven’t seen on my DVR backed up. Not a good sign. I feel bad because I discovered one of the writers on this show not only went to high school with me, also went to college with me and was in my husband’s fraternity. Oh well, sorry Lon.
Modern Family: The episode with them giving up the internet for 24 hours was awesome. I love that she tricked them with a soap bar!
Cougar Town: I still love the little title jokes through into the opening credits. I’m definitely a fan of this show and I liked how the last episode wasn’t Jules/Grayson focused. This is one show that put the two love interests together that hasn’t made me lose interest. Good job, Cougar Town.
Undercovers: Well, I really enjoyed the first two episodes. Then I went on a cruise. And it was one of the shows I didn’t have time to watch before I left which mean I came home to 2 episodes. I still didn’t get to watch them before the 3rd episode aired. And so I got overwhelmed since I still had SO MUCH to watch (like 40 episodes of Angel on my DVR!) so I ended up deleting them. I mostly did this because I thought the show was going to get eaten by the cancellation bear but now I feel bad since more scripts were ordered. Still, I’m behind on things and though Iiked it, I didn’t feel quite the drive to keep going so…bye bye Undercovers. I may pick you up again during the midseason hiatus and watch back episodes online. It depends on what else premiers, if you get more episodes ordered, etc, so keep your fingers crossed!
Big Bang Theory: I didn’t miss Penny all that much in the last episode and in fact, i didn’t even notice she wasn’t in it until it was almost over. Is that bad? Or maybe it’s just because all my attention is on Sheldon because HE IS SUCH AN AWESOME CHARACTER.
Vampire Diaries: Still my favorite show on TV by far. Katherine is so awesome, I love how unpredictable she is even if she makes Elena seem boring. There were a lot of creepy or violent moments I had trouble sitting through last night. I don’t like Stefan or Elena but I have to admit, what happened at the end of the episode made me excited. I like forbidden love.
Grey’s Anatomy: There was a time that I hated this show but I think now maybe I just hated Katherine Heigl. I like the two new characters a lot, though this show could use more shirtless Jackson Avery. I like Meredith when she’s happy. In fact, there’s not much I don’t like right now.
Nikita: I’m backed up with 2 episodes. Not a good sign. I even tried to watch one of them but realized I had no interest. The only thing stopping me from deleting them is that I hear the show is retooling to be lighter, more female friendly (read: more Shana-friendly) and she’s getting a love interest. Since I HATE Shane West on the show, this intrigues me and may convince me to keep watching. So I’m waiting to hear more about this.
&#%^ My Dad Says and Outsourced: Sadly, these both fell to the same fate as Undercovers. I liked Outsourced but then I was behind too many episodes and got overwhelmed so I deleted them all. With Dad Says, I didn’t like the first episode and was just too lazy to delete it from the DVR schedule. It has now been axed.
The Office: Sadly after many years of being a fan, I think I am no longer one. I tried to watch last night’s episode and I just had zero interest that I actually forgot I was watching and left the room. I think that means I’m officially done with it.
Saturday Night Live: So excited for Emma Stone!!!
Desperate Housewives: I had considered giving it up before the season started but Gabby’s storyline is keeping me going. I like Susan’s also.
Brothers and Sisters: However, this is going the same way as The Office. I know I need to watch the latest episode but every time I have a chance to watch something, i choose something else. I’m just not that into it anymore. But there’s nothing else on Sunday nights so it may stick with it just because of that.
The Amazing Race: my favorites as of right now: the QVC sales women team. They are so fun and upbeat and they never complain, plus they win things. I like teams that are happy. I also like the father daughter team for the same reason. I do not like the team with the piercings because they keep doing stupid things like not reading clues and I have no tolerance for that. Ditto the express pass team. They were stuck using their express pass so early because they were dumb and didn’t bother to look for the flags.
Angel: I’ve been watching the entire series since I loved my Buffy marathon so much and I never saw this series and I wanted to see it before I read the new Spike comic that just came out this month (——>). Since TNT airs two episodes a day and I didn’t get to watch a lot of the ones I had taped before I went on the cruise, I basically had 2 entire seasons backed up. I wasn’t all that into season 1 but I really liked season 2 with the Darla-resurrected arc and the alternate dimension arc and I like Fred. I’m a few episodes into season 3. I like Cordelia a thousand times better on Angel than on Buffy. She was bitchy and unlikable on Buffy but here she has a great sense of humor and a good heart.

So what did you watch this week?

Also, i have no life.

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  1. Ouch about your arm! That’s gotta suck.

    There’s going to be more Robin Sparkles on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER? Heck yes!

    I’m loving Emma Caulfield on LIFE UNEXPECTED. Baze sometimes comes off a bit Xander-ish to me, which makes the scenes with them together that much more fun. 😛

    And I’m actually super-stoked for the Rocky Horror-themed ep of GLEE. I’m a fan of the movie, so it’ll be interesting to see their spin on it. (Time Warp FTW!)

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