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-Apologies for the lack of blogging. Between working 10 hours a day, commuting 3ish hours a day thanks to Lincoln Tunnel traffic, and trying to bang out at least 3k per day, that hasn’t left much time for anything else. (Anything besides watching an entire season of Angel in one week, but pretend I didn’t mention that.) It’s too hard for me to blog at work because I animate graphics and it’s sort of obvious that I’m being a bad girl when I type for extensive amounts of time on the clock. So the only way I can draft a blog is if I manage to get the 3k out during my commute, but since I only get a seat 50% of the time, I generally have to make up the missing word count at night after work.

-I may be MIA on the blog but I’ve been tweeting a lot since that’s much easier to do from work. So follow me @shanasilver if you can’t live without my updates. And I mean, let’s be real, who can’t?! (That’s totally a rhetorical question where most people answer, "I can!" Le sigh.)

-I’m 4 episodes away from Spike’s return on Angel. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

-Did you hear about the cruise ship that was stranded without power, food, and toilets/running water for a good 24 hours? Um, I was on that ship less than a month ago from October 3rd-October 10th. I can’t even imagine. Where they’re stranded, it was FREEZING out because they hadn’t yet reached the warm weather. I think if I was on that ship, I could deal with the toilets being out of commission for so long (though I’m not sure HOW), I can deal with the cold showers–it’s like sleepaway camp all over again. I can deal with the lack of electricity though I feel bad for anyone who has to witness my frizzy hair. But eating spam and crab meat and pop tarts and croissants? That would be a problem since I am gluten-free at the moment and don’t eat seafood or pig products. I would starve! Not to mention, if they can’t cook hot food, how will they make coffee!?!?! I’ve been addicted since I was 16! I can’t imagine a day without coffee. 

-Nano is going really well and I’m sooooo excited about my project. It’s been a while since I drafted a new book because I spent all last year doing revisions on the novel I’m querying (and a good chunk of the year not doing anything except wedding planning). I’ve forgotten what it’s like to fall in love with a new project, for it to take over all my thoughts, keep me up at night as the scenes play out in my head like a movie. Ahhh, love this.

-I had trouble finding my protagonist’s voice for the first few days of writing but about 9k in, I found it. I’m excited! This always tends to happen and it’s an easy fix during revisions so I’m not worried. She’s awesome and unique and has a super quirky outlook on life, which is just so fun to write!

-You know how some people have sagging middles? I have the opposite problem. My middle is always awesome during first drafts, it flows so well because I’ve gotten to know the characters and they’ve gotten to know each other which leads to some awesome scenes. But I’m always floundering in the beginning and my endings are always super vague in the outline. I don’t understand how people have sagging middles because that’s the best part for me! My middles generally stay the same in revisions but my beginnings and endings generally get rewritten at least once. That’s okay though, i know what works for me and how to fix it.

-I had a detailed outline I crafted before nano. Some scenes were super detailed, even with dialogue already because it had shown up in my head and I had to transcribe it (though in outline form, it’s written like a script without actions surrounding it). And then other scenes were just a sentence of "this happens here." I’m up to my first "this happens here" and…I got stuck this morning because I never did figure out what "this" actually is. I mean, I know it’s a prank, but I don’t know what kind of prank it is. So I had to stop and think on it before I started again. The good news is, I also realized I was missing some scenes thanks to a new subplot that needed another beat and some consequences to some conflict I had set up earlier so I’m working on those scenes. Even though they are brand new to me, they came much easier. 

-As always, I’m an overwriter and I bet half my word count will be cut in revisions but that’s okay because the extra word count helped me get to know the characters initially and I LOVE to cut words and kill darlings, it gives me a serious high, so I’m excited for that part.

How’s your nano coming?

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  1. whoo-hooo

    Well, I already knew you were kicking NaNo-Butt but whoo-hoo anyhow!

    Mine is struggling. My NaNo, that is. I’ve just finished doing a very outline-y plot-y thing this morning, to sort out the plot problems I’ve been having (and the wayward characters), so I have some scenes that are SO going to get scrapped (in december) and rewritten (now) so everything makes (a little) sense.

    I’m at 20.000-odd words right now, still on track but only just… ah well.

  2. Totally agree about sagging middles. Mine usually don’t “sag,” because like you said, I’ve finally gotten comfortable with the characters. I also think it’s because I’m not stressing about the middle so much, unlike the beginning and the end, where I have this neurotic need to make ’em PERFECT. (Ha, ha.)

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