The Silver Lining | Things I am thankful/excited for!

-Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m looking forward to this holiday. It’s my favorite because of the emphasis on mashed potatoes. And stuffing. And apple pie. Basically, carbs in general. And since I’m a big fan of carbs but have been avoiding them recently, I’m quite excited to waiver my embargo against them for the weekend.

-Family. I spent a lot of time with my family recently on a 7-day cruise after my cousin’s wedding (though thankfully not this cruise even though it was that ship) but I haven’t seen my cousin since she became a Mrs. And that was before I watched the complete series of Angel, which she loves. We have much to discuss.

-I’m forcing my parents to see Harry Potter with me on Friday and Tangled with me on Saturday. I consider Tangled research for both my writing (fairy tales) and my day job (VFX compositing/animation) and Harry Potter is research for the day job as well. Therefore, tax deductable! W00t! (Also, I am going to see Tangled in 3D because the company I have been working for did their first 3D commercial and I suspect this is something I’ll be doing more and more in the future, like when SD became obsolete and suddenly all my jobs had to be done in HD. It would probably be good to, you know, study how they accomplish the 3D.)

-I’ve spent the last few days outlining my revisions for ALICE IN WONDERLAND HIGH. I read through the original book and my manuscript last weekend and jotted down a revision guideline about what needed to change, what needed to be added, what needed to be deleted. It’s color coded. I heart outlines so much! Then I brainstormed ideas for adding with my crit partners and got the thumbs up from them. I’m really really excited about the changes and looking forward to starting on them. I’ve got lots of free time this weekend and my day job gig ends on Tuesday which means more free time. Yay for being a "full-time writer" until I get booked on the next project. Also yay that I won’t be working until 9:30pm and eating dinner at 11pm because of the commute. That wasn’t fun.

-Richelle Mead is doing a reading and signing of LAST SACRIFICE the day it comes out in NYC. I am SO EXCITED. You have to buy the book at 9am to get a wrist band for a spot in line. Which means if I’m not working that day, I have to commute back and forth into the city twice. But it will be worth it. Especially if I read the book in between the purchase time and the signing time. Dimitri <3!

-Vampire Diaries comes back next week! Damon has been off my screen for far too long.

What are you excited about and/or thankful for?

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