The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. Does anyone read the Buffy comics? And if so, did you read the latest issue. I MUST DISCUSS. I’m freaking out over it! 

2. I’ve been working on my revisions this week and I’m really loving the changes! The major obstacle seems to be time since I’m also on another work deadline and have been getting home after 9:30pm. By the time I get home, my brain has already checked out for the evening. But that’s what sneaking in edits during the day at work are for! Also, coffee. Aside from a tiny, unimportant obligation that is my sister’s engagement party (I kid, I kid, I’m excited for it), I plan to devote the rest of the weekend to revising.

3. Sadly, due to work deadline and revisions, sacrifices had to be made. Fitting, as I had to sacrifice getting Last Sacrifice signed at Richelle Mead’s NYC event. I actually left for work super early that morning to take the subway in the opposite direction of work and pick it up at the Penn Station Border’s (since it was the only bookstore I could find that opened before 9am that was within a reasonable distance of either Port Authority or my office). And luckily–Richelle had stopped by earlier in the week and autographed all the store’s copies. So I got it signed anyway! I didn’t get to see her in person but that’s okay. I’m only halfway through the book due to lack of reading time but I love it so far. Dimitri! Sa-woon.

4. I love TV but I’m kind of excited to have a short break where nothing’s on so I don’t feel obligated to watch every single show that airs. More free time for writing! (Or Buffy. *puts on halo*) The break is very brief though because I think ABC Family shows come back the 1st week of January.

5. Speaking of TV, I haven’t done this in a while, so I’ll put my thoughts on the latest episode of all my shows:

Vampire Diaries: Still my favorite thing on TV right now. DAMON! Though I feel deceived by last week’s previews. I was beyond excited for something that turned out to be a fake out. However, DAMON! I just love that they keep the plots moving so rapidly, keep introducing new tensions and conflicts, keep the characters interesting. I’m all about Caroline and Tyler now. Good job, writers.
Glee: Coach Bieste made me seriously ball this week and may have surpassed Brittany as my favorite character on the show. Who I’m not loving? Finn.
Gossip Girl: It captured my attention briefly with the hate sex but so far this week I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch. Bad sign.
90210: I used to despise this show, now I like it a lot more than Gossip Girl. Though I am seriously over Adrianna being a diva.
Life Unexpected: My DVR rebelled and decided not to tape the last two episodes. Not cool, DVR, not cool. I know the show is pretty much done next week but eventually I’ll watch the final episodes, probably over Christmas week.
How I Met Your Mother: I actually found it funny this week though I don’t remember what it was about a few days later.
Big Bang Theory: OMG I loved last night’s episode so much! Specifically when Penny suggested that Sheldon, er, solve Amy’s horniness problem and the viewer thought he would do one thing and he did something so Sheldon-like. Perfect!
Chuck: I haven’t been paying all that much attention to the last few episodes which is sad because I used to love this show!
The Event: I’m sad this isn’t doing well in the ratings because I think it’s awesome! I hope they’re from the future and not aliens.
Raising Hope: I think this show is hilarious with a seriously cute baby.
I’m such a sucker for love plots. I wasn’t that into this show UNTIL they revealed the main character, Marty, lost her virginity to her male BFF, Dan, back in high school. Cue me shipping them and being way into the show.
The Middle: This show is so, so funny. I love!
Cougar Town: RIP Big Joe. This is the kind of show that really appreciates it’s loyal viewers because there are certain jokes you won’t get if you haven’t scene every episode. I love that.
Modern Family: This is probably my least fave out of the three on ABC but I still find it hilarious.
Better With You: Racked up about 10 episodes on my DVR, not a good sign.
Nikita: Ditto above. I planned to catch up eventually but I don’t feel invested enough. Though Devon Sawa appearing in an episode may convince me.
Grey’s Anatomy: I’m over the Cristina-can’t-perform-surgery storyline. I love Dr. Avery and Sarah Drew’s character. I’m interested in Mark and Lexie. Everything else? I think Callie was justified in slamming the door in Arizona’s face last week. I loved them as a couple but Arizona pissed me off by leaving and telling Callie she didn’t want her coming. (Yes, I know that was due to the actress’s maternity leave.)
The Office, !!@$& My Dad Says, Outsourced: These have all been removed from the DVR. I don’t miss them.
Desperate Housewives: I like Gabby’s storyline. I like Paul-the-villain’s storyline. I’m not really that into anyone else’s.
Brothers and Sisters: I probably have 8 episodes backed up on my DVR and not desire to watch them. I think I’m done with this show.
Survivor: Really? Two people quit on day twenty-freaking-eight? You couldn’t make it 12 more days? That bothers me. Quit on day 3, fine, I don’t get to know you and I don’t care. But to me if you made it almost a month, you can still it out for another week and a half. But clearly these girls were delusional so they couldn’t see that reasoning. Everyone I liked got voted out so I don’t really have anyone to root for now. I think most of the people left are dumb.
The Amazing Race: Oh, I love Brook and Claire so much! They’re so positive and upbeat! I hope they win!
Angel: I finally finished the entire series. LOVED the Spike stuff. I was conflicted about Fred’s death. She was such an awesome character but Illyria was also super intriguing!
Community: I LOVED the Christmas claymation episode. This show is hilarious. Watch, more people!

I think that’s everything. What did you watch and like recently?

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  2. I loved Coach Bieste in Glee last week–totally unexpected–and I’m still thinking about the last episode of Modern Family, with the salt-in-eggnog bit. Hope your revisions are going well!

  3. I was a little disappointed by the fakeout in the Vampire Diaries promo too! Where was the cave sex?! But Damon…*swoons*

    Gossip Girl was ok, but there’s not enough Blair/Chuck interaction for me. Let’s face it, they’re my reason for watching. Serena is basically too dumb to live.

    I think Glee was my favorite show last week. I loved the songs, especially “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” My husband hasn’t seen it yet, so I’m eagerly anticipating rewatching with him.

  4. The first time I saw that TVD promo with the Stefan/Katherine steaminess, I thought, “HAH! Must be a fake-out!” And I was right. XD (Which is a shame. It would’ve been interesting to see the consequences of that had that fake-out been…you know…not fake.)

    Also, I love Coach Bieste. LOVE HER. She’s been my favorite on GLEE for a while now. It’s impossible for me NOT to enjoy an episode when she’s in it, heh.

    Good luck revising! 🙂

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  6. I love the TV rundown you did! Ok, I don’t think I’ve had an ABC Family obsessed friend in a long time. Please say you like Make it or Break it! And that we can maybe discuss Secret Life?? I would love you lots then…just saying…

    Also, I gotta say, you missed a great Office the other day.

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