The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. I met my fab agent Sarah LaPolla for coffee and amazing cupcakes this week. She’s just as awesome in person as she is online! We had a great chat about everything from my projects to Buffy to Jared Leto turning scary after My So-Called Life to books to writing to the Carousel Mall in Syracuse. I’m so glad I work in NYC and was able to meet her!

2. I’m also excited because she loves my revisions to ALICE and the synopsis for my WIP. Alice is going on submission very very soon! So please keep your fingers crossed for me (and if you want to perform any witchcraft spells for book selling, send the mojo my way). And now that I’ve gotten the thumbs up on my WIP, I’m so excited to finish writing it. I wrote 2/3 of the first draft during nano and the synopsis helped me smooth out some of the plot kinks that had cropped up during the first draft. Can’t wait to apply the changes to the book!

3. This weekend I get to have dinner with fab YA writers Jessica Love, Jen Hayley, and Melissa Remshard. I’m very excited! I love writerly dinners!

4. Speaking of Jen, we generally gchat all day long and one day this week I made a silly joke. Except we’re writers so that silly joke turned into a book premise for a high-concept sci-fi with a dystopian tone. We started world building, discussing what society would be like if my joke actually happened. And the next thing we knew, we had a plot and a fully realized world and super hot love interests and two protagonists we both adore and scenes that sound so fun to write. We started outlining and it all just fell together so easily. We both have other projects to complete first but then we’re co-writing this baby!

5. I’m super jealous of everyone going to ALA in San Diego. I went to the one in Boston last winter and I had the best time. Have fun, attendees!

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  1. *crosses fingers for ALICE* 😉

    I love how a “silly joke” managed to evolve into a book that way! It should be loads of fun for you two to write (and just as much fun to tell future readers how it came into being)!

    P.S. Love your icon. So cute! 🙂

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