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Saturday night I headed into NYC to have dinner with two writers in my online writing group and our husbands. We must have our boys pretty whipped to convince them to come. (See also: when my husband came with me to Stephenie Meyer’s concert and Breaking Dawn‘s midnight release.) Luckily, the restaurant had the football games on to help babysit the boys so the women could chat about important stuff.

Jessica Love traveled to the east coast for a few days to visit her friend in Connecticut and then be a tourist for the weekend in NYC. I’d met Jessica before in LA when I went there for my cousin’s wedding and poor Jessica had to meet my entire extended family. Melissa Remshard lives in south Jersey and made the two and a half hour trek into the city to meet with us! That’s dedication! I’d never met her in person before but we’ve been chatting so long through our writer’s group I felt like I already knew her! My tiny twenty minute bus ride didn’t quite compare to their travels.

I LOVE dinner with writers. It’s like a book club, critique group, and industry gossip session all rolled into one. Our writing group sends various ARCs and books on tour so we got to discuss them in person, which is awesome because I don’t have a real life book club. We talked writing strategy, discussed some problems we’re having with our own novels and helped figure out solutions for them, we talked about the industry in general: what trends are up and coming, what’s on the outs. We commiserated with our mutual jealousy over everyone snagging fab ARCs at ALA.

Our husbands discussed football. Boys are so cliche.

I wish every day could be a writer dinner! What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Yay!

    Dinner on Saturday was so fun. I agree about the book talk. I don’t have any friends that read the same genre, so it’s nice to get out and talk about it! Thanks again for inviting me.

  2. I was in CT Saturday night – so close, yet so far! I wish I could have joined you! We’ll have to get together next time I’m up here for a residency (though hopefully I’ll also be able to spend some time with you at a conference!)

  3. Jessica Love

    YAY! It was so good to see you again and to meet Melissa! 😀 I’m glad we got to get together…let’s do it again soon!

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