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As you may or may not know, the SCBWI NY conference took place this weekend. I wasn’t able to attend the conference this year, but I couldn’t wait for KidLit drinks on Friday night. I’ve been seriously looking forward to this since BEA, which was the last KidLit drinks I attended.

Of course, Friday happened to be the only day I had to work last week, which meant I had to wake up early instead of sleeping in to help me stay up later. #notanightowl I put on my snow boots for the trek from Port Authority to 11th and 47th (where I was working) but put an extra pair of super cute heels in my bag to change into later. It became very clear during my walk to work that I would not be changing later. Only about 60% of sidewalks were shoveled. I’m sure they were better in midtown but not where I was. Not only that, each cross walk contained a hidden giant slushy puddle that I was able to stomp right through with my snow boots. Heels? Not so much.

So I regretfully abandoned the cute shoes and showed up in all my 5’0″ glory instead of fooling people into thinking I’m a tall 5’3″.

I met my friend Michelle and we headed over to the bar where we immediately ran into Anne Hayward Leal. Her friend mistook me for being about 20-years-old which was the first time I ever got happy about this. I’ve been wanting to look older ever since I could pass for like 9-years-old in high school and 16-years-old at 25. But now that I’m turning 30 in 2 months, looking 20 seems awesome!

I turned Michelle on to my new favorite drink, Blueberry Vodka and soda, which was promptly replaced by an even newer favorite drink Saturday night at a party when I tried Pineapple Vodka and soda.

My fabulous agent Sarah LaPolla arrived shortly after with her other client K.M. Walton. It was so great meeting another one of Sarah’s minions! We gushed about her, she gushed about her books, it was an all around gush fest. Sarah commiserated with me about being 5’1″ or less and we talked about all our mutual favorite TV shows from Veronica Mars to Vampire Diaries.

I also got to meet Jessica Spotswood. We’ve been talking on twitter and on blogs for a while so it was great to meet her in person! She’s adorable.

And I got to see Sonia Gensler again where we talked about how we missed My So-Called Life and Veronica Mars. (TV is apparently a theme in all my discussions. Possibly because I watch so much of it.)

Also, last week another male joined The Bookanistas and we were all very excited to have more testosterone among the group. When Matt Blackstone introduced himself, he mentioned he lived in NYC so I invited him to come to KidLit drinks so we could have a Bookanista meet-up, even if it was only with two members. I was very excited that he came and it turns out we have a ton in common. We’re the same age, we both got married in June of last year, we both grew up in the armpit of America, he’s a teacher and I got certified to be a teacher last year (but apparently it’s a bit difficult to find a job as a graphics teacher which is why it’s not–yet–my job). So it was great hanging out with him!

I chatted with lots of other awesome YA writers and I apologize if I’ve forgotten anyone on this blog.

Unfortunately, in all my excitement and gabbing–and I did enough gabbing to result in a lost voice–I forgot to take any pictures. I’m kicking myself over this!

So here’s what we need to do. Everyone who was at KidLit drinks last night needs to come to the BEA one and we will make up for those lost photos!

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