The Silver Lining | March Madness Check in Day 15

Beware…it’s the Ides of March. The day the soothsayers warned Julius Caeser to watch out for. But he didn’t, and Brutus stabbed him to death. (Also, today is the birthdate of an ex-boyfriend…I wish I had prophets to warn me to stay away back then!)

And so today I warn you…don’t let your WIP catch you off guard. It’s not supposed to be the death of you. Don’t be like Julius Caeser and ignore all the warnings. Stay in control. Whip that sucker into shape. Make it your bitch.

Don’t let it take over. Or you know, stab you twenty-three times.

(Please insert any other bad metaphors you can think of related to the Ides of March.) (Sidenote: this is why I shouldn’t write blog posts when I’m exhausted.) (I am using a lot of parentheses.) (Whenever I write the words “a lot” I think of this.)

Now that I got that out of the way, how is everyone doing in week 3? Better than week 2?

I managed to revise four chapters last week, which is really impressive considering I barely had any free time. And I use the term “revise” loosely when I really mean “rewrite.” I’m on a roll now with this book! I love it so much!

But I’ll be extra cautious today so my mss doesn’t surprise me. (Or actually that might be a good thing.) (As long as there’s no stabbing.)

(Another parentheses for good measure.) (((It makes me feel like I’m being hugged.)))

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  1. I’m finally on track…no if I can just avoid those pesky traitors and their wicked blades, I may just make it! I moved into a new K bracket yesterday, so that rocks my world right now. But what is even better…I finished the chapter and kept my head! Oooh, it was close. I almost introduced a new character and a huge new complication, but I whipped her little butt back into the “save for later” file and moved my plot and MC development forward. YAY!

    That’s just a little spooky about your ex! 😈

  2. That is scary about your ex!

    I will heed your warning. I will keep my guard up! I will not let my characters get the best of me. Not today! Not Ever! (Maybe that was a little bit much 😳 )

    I tend to try and let them make some decisions on their own, but there are times when they get a little out of control. But I will watch my back. Besides, Chris helped me with some revision notes last night and that helped me regain my focus. Yay Chris! (A BIG shout out and hug to Chris! Thank you!) Otherwise I had been feeling like it really wasn’t worth the bother. (It’s only the culmination of 7 years of study[3-1/2 on the thesis] [it’s changed A LOT {Thanks for the GREAT LINK}] and tens of thousands of dollars in student loans) But I feel better now. 😀 It is indeed worth it! I am worth it!

    Thank you all once again for the support and encouragement! Congratulations to everyone for all the progress that has been made, however small. As you have told me, progress is progress. You can do it!

  3. I’ve had a better morning. I got up early and went straight to work before thinking of the many other things I needed to think about.

    And Shana – yes, send me your chapters any time! I’ll have to get my new story idea into a logline one of these days so I can send to you…

  4. i’m trucking along. super close to being ready to query but i hate my title and can’t come up with anything better. i know the publisher changes it most of the time anyway, but i still want it to be somewhat interesting to grab an agent’s attention. blargh.

    but despite that issue, i’m on track and feeling good (except for the moments when i’m sure it’s all crap).

  5. Hi everyone!

    Yeah, I definitely like to be farther along in a challenge month like this, because once I have a good chunk under my belt, I really feel like I can do it, you know?

    Plus I love drafting. It’s so fun to still be in love with an idea, and to be throwing everything at it to see where you can take it.

    Joy, you have me curious! What’s your title? Do you need some brainstorming help?

    Enjoy the rest of the day!

    • thanks, Kip! right now all i’ve got is CONSTANCE AND THE BOY FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE. my story is about a girl who lives in a world of absolutely no imagination or curiosity, but she discovers (with the help of the boy) a trunk filled with costumes that magically transform the user into the thing they’re dressed up as. it’s a little tricky because the blah-ness of the world means everything has names like The City, The School, The Agency, which works in the story, but is dull in a title. so i don’t know how much people can help w/o knowing more about the story, but throw ideas out there, if you’ve got them! thanks for asking.

        • thanks. Constance is the MC, so i’m not sure about that. makes it sound like the boy is the center, and he’s really important but she’s the center. hmm. but thanks!

  6. Hi Shana and others!

    Last weekend I had a breakthrough in plotting the 3rd Lexicon book, tentatively titled The Poisoned Well. Sunday and Monday I sent the boys skiing and wrapped up the first two chapters of a first draft. I hadn’t even meant to start writing for a couple of months yet.

    Now the reality of other pressures is descending: I have to write three talks for next week, finish editing a chapter for an academic book, completely rewrite another chapter, and catch up on my blog. And I’m still waiting for the 2nd Lexicon book to come back from my editor so I can work on revising that. Feeling scattered…

  7. Shana * Thanks for your support and encouragement. I had a great writing day yesterday but today I slacked off with very little productivity. So, I hope to get back on track tomorrow. Good luck to you and the others!

  8. Augh, it’s been one of those days where I feel like I’ve been playing catch-up since I unwillingly woke up.

    I’m about to write some personalized query letters and later on, I’m starting on book five of eight.

    Need more hours today!

  9. Ha ha! I’ve got a new image for a lot (a peeve of mine).

    Today’s writing session was going great until my husband arrived and handed me Beth Revis’ ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. The rest of the session was an exercise in extreme discipline.

    Nonetheless, I had more fun today drafting this novel than I’ve had all month. The writing felt fresh and spontaneous and I had loads of ideas as to what direction to take. Day fifteen is the day I hit the groove! I also realized I am a little more than halfway to reaching my 10,000 word goal.

    Thanks for all the support. And beware those “Ideas of March”.

  10. Weekly Word Count: 3,600
    Daily Word Count: 1,900

    I wrote a surprising amount today but I’m not really sure how good it is. I’m throwing in events/plot points that I wasn’t exactly prepared for and a lot of my dialogue is seeming… not WRONG, exactly, but like I’m definitely going to have to go back over it and make the scenes better. I’m hoping that I end up keeping what I wrote today but I kind of doubt it.

  11. I’m making some progress, but it’s really a last priority. I feel guilty making my writing come first. Or fifth. How do I convince myself that it’s ok and my husband that it’s not just messing around?
    Of course, really I know the answer. If I don’t act like it’s a priority, it won’t be. Just like with running. Gah!
    Well, I’m making a little progress, anyway.

  12. Hilarious post, Shana! Scary, too. *moves sharp objects out of WIP’s reach*

    I think my WIP may already have taken over, lol. I love it (or rather, I love what I hope it will become), but can’t think about — or write about — anything else. At least I made some decent headway on it today, so I’m happy about that. 🙂

  13. I have a character to kill. I was hoping I’d get to that part tonight, but such was not the case. *sigh*

    Well, so far I have finished two short scenes since yesterday. The next scene is going to be fun, because I’ve been looking forward to it since NaNo, and then the scene after that is where MC discovers the murder. I’m not *quite* ready for bed yet, so who knows. All I know is that I am ramping up to the final climax, and I’m having fun. 🙂

    – Laura

  14. Thanks for the (((warning))), Shana! 😉 I’m rather pleased that I wrote out another PB. (Two within one week… woohoo!) One is a PB I’ve had floating around for a while and the other one is very new! I’m feeling pretty good and can’t wait to work on edits/rewrites after I’ve let it simmer in a drawer for a while. So, feeling like I’m on a roll w/ the writing. Taxes are um… another story. Still searching for missing data. ((Wish me luck!))
    It’s great to hear where people are at w/ their mss. Hang in there, all!

    • BTW, for the record, I’m in CA on Pacific time and so it’s technically *still March 15th* at 11:24 pm. (Although, the date/time stamp on the blog says it’s the 16th, 1:22 am). Just thought I’d clarify so that you know I did check in on time! 😀

  15. Ugh…I had a bad night last night. I fell asleep on my couch at 8:30! I guess the time change had more of an impact than I thought! And tonight I worked both jobs and tomorrow I have GLEE concert at night. But THURSDAY is looking awesome to get back on track. Yay Thursday.

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