The Silver Lining | March Madness check in Day 22

We’re into Spring! We’re into the lamb part of March (unless you live in NYC or areas near it, in which case your weather still thinks it’s Winter). Does that possibly translate into you reaching the warm weather, lamb part of your book?

I hope so!

For me it simply means my time has gone from THIS MUCH to thismuch.

If only I had a Time Turner

My sister’s wedding is coming up this Saturday. I don’t know how productive I’ll be but I’m going to try. I managed to squeeze in at least 3 chapters of revision last week, which was a huge feat considering I had stuff to do every evening after work and all weekend. Mostly I squeezed it in during my lunch break at work. So that’s my plan this week!

Make the most of what I can.

What about you? How are you doing?!

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  1. Shana, I am doing my best to make the most of what I can. Congrats on the three chapters!

    The LAMB part of March, are you joking? Have you looked… ok so where you are… Sorry, just venting. We have an AWFUL winter storm, that’s right, I said winter, on it’s way. We are expecting 18+ inches of snow. 18. ❗ Totally NOT what the Red River Valley needs right now. And I could finally see my garden. πŸ˜₯ More time to write for me. πŸ˜‰ Spring will come, eventually.

    I am still trudging. I will get there. Yes I will!

    Have a great day, All!

    • Imagine that the 18 plus inches of snow is your excuse to throw more wood on the fire, make some hot cocoa, and write.


      Spring will come soon.

      • Yes indeed! I will at that, I just wish it was time to stop throwing wood in the fire. *sighs* Spring will come… Until then, I’ll just keep writing, just keep writing… πŸ˜‰

  2. Here in SW GA, the lamb has sheared off its wool and is panting under the scrubby shade of a tall Georgia pine dripping with purple wisteria blossoms. …and hacking and wheezing with all the pollen. We’ve been in the mid-80’s for the last several days and I’ve been down with the allergy-induced sinus infection.

    But, the light shone yesterday! πŸ˜€ I came up only 18 words shy of my goal for the day and I feel the momentum building.

    The last two years, I was bogged down with last minute details for the SCBWI retreat I was directing, so I get the pressure your sister’s wedding is putting on you, Shana. Hang in there. This year I am a free spirit with nothing more than work, family, and my oh-so-patient agent’s deadline to pressure me, so I’m diving back in…

    Good luck everyone…and may a lamb wander into your fold soon!

  3. I’m not sure what the weather is like right now, I’ve been stuck inside with work for hours. It was 70 and beautiful in the DC area yesterday, though.

    I’m a bit stalled on my agent research because I’ve been working OT at the day-job and haven’t had a lot of extra time. I’m hoping to pick up tonight.

    I’m also hoping the stinkbug that is terrorizing me by dive-bombing my head will soon go away.

  4. I hope yous sister’s wedding is awesome and beautiful (and I hope you get a little downtime this week!)

    I woke up with some renewed vision for my WIP this morning. I feel a little bit reignited today…didn’t get much time to work this morning, but I’m looking forward to the scene I’ll write later.

  5. Congratulations on revising three chapters, especially with all that you have going on! I am taking two days off this week while my son is on spring break, and while he was at baseball practice, I decided to try writing inside a starbucks for the first time ever. Ended up hitting 850 words in an hour. So excited! Also ended up with a sugar buzz, but the caramel apple spice was divine.

    Have fun at your sister’s wedding!

    Cheering for each of you!

  6. the Seattle area is feeling spring-y (which of course means plenty of cool grayness to come). my daughter has been anxiously waiting, and the moment we told her it was spring, she dragged us to the nursery and bought a bunch of flower seeds. yesterday was spent planting them.

    yesterday was also spent reworking the end of my WIP, which i have been quite unsatisfied with, but haven’t known how to fix. i like it a lot better now!

  7. It’s a warmish spring day in western NC – nice. We had a rough first part of winter so I’m happy now.

    No new words today – well not word count. The muse called for first chapter work this morning so I listened. Very happy with the changes. We’ll see what I think when I get home to read it. Still on target overall though for my word count goal.

  8. Today was a wonderful stay-in-the-cozy-apartment day for me so I have no idea how cold it is out, although it was snowing here in Boston on the first day of spring. More snow to come tonight I think.

    Thinking of spring has been a good way for me to plan for what’s next though, since it means March Madness is going to be winding down. I should reach my 20K goal in just a couple more days, and I am getting ready to punish myself next.

    Because I love-love this WIP, I’m not allowed to come back to it until I’ve completed a detailed outline for it, as well as completed a detailed outline for my completed WIP that needs revision, AND done those revisions.

    Nothing like a juicy WIP to come back to for a reward though, right? That plus maybe some champagne for completing all those other things.

    Shana, I hope you have a wonderful time at your sister’s wedding and that you can dive into whatever you need to do once it’s over!

    Good luck to everyone else in enjoying the writing during what might actually become spring one day. πŸ™‚


  9. Up here on the US/Canadian border we had some sun today, which is a special treat,. But I’m quite jealous of Mary Ann’s mid-80s (minus the allergies).

    Agreed to an April 1st deadline on a novel revision yesterday, so I’ve had to rethink my goals for the rest of this month. I don’t want to put my new WIP aside ’cause I’m on a roll right now, but I’m going to have to split my time between the drafting and revising.

    Have a blast at the wedding, Shana.

    And congrats on doing your best, everyone!

    Until tomorrow.

  10. Life would be so much easier with a Time Turner. Then I could finish this job application and start a new chapter before work tonight.

    But I have actually opened a new word document to write down notes for my new shiny idea. And everyone knows that opening the actual file is half the battle. Right?

    Hope your sister’s wedding goes well.

  11. Shana have a WONDERFUL weekend! Congratulations to your sister and her groom-to-be! Hope the wedding goes well and that everyone enjoys the special occasion.

  12. Shana, congrats to your sister! Have a wonderful time at the wedding.

    My goals have shifted from creative writing and agent research to researching where I should move to in the States and looking for work. That’s what I did all day yesterday, and I expect that’s what I’ll do for the rest of the week. I’d rather be writing…

  13. Aw, Jessica, I’m sorry it’s been so hard lately. I hope things smooth out soon so that you can have some time for yourself, to work toward your goals. Sending good vibes your way!

    Shana, you’re an inspiration, squeezing in revisions on your lunch breaks. πŸ˜€ Enjoy the weekend ahead, and congrats to your sister! (And good luck with your speech. :))

  14. Oops, forgot to include my update. 😳 Yesterday and today I’ve spent more time learning and thinking about an aspect of craft I’ve been struggling with, than I have actually writing. But it’s shedding some serious light on my wip, so that’s exciting for me! I hope to get some words done tonight as soon as I read to the munchkin & send him to bed.

  15. I forgot to check in on time Mon and today, however, I’ve been writing a lot–wrote 2nd draft for one of my PB’s and finished taxes for 2009 (we were behind). I’m on deadline w/ several projects so squeezing in time for my kidlit stuff will be tricky but I’ll try my best…! Good luck, everyone! πŸ˜€

  16. I’m late again with my check inβ€”sorry!β€”but I fell asleep writing again. (Last night was mostly spent acquiring a free dishwasher. Can’t say no to that.)

    Last night I managed just over three hundred words with a scene that I thought I finished on Monday, only to be surprised. I’m getting closer (the number of scenes left in this book I think I can count on less than two hands). I hope to be more productive tonight. April 1st marks the 1-year anniversary of when an agent expressed interest (and said that yes, if it’s not finished, I can approach her later) so I want to be done. It won’t be ready to submit, but it’ll be close. I hope.
    – Laura

  17. I’m late checking in, too, but I’m here. Laura was acquiring a dishwasher last night, and I was watching my DH hook up our new washer and dryer (not free, unfortunately) — the old set packed up on the weekend. My writing has been in fits and starts. I re-revised the opening to an earlier novel and submitted it for a contest. That wasn’t part of my March Madness goal, but at least it was writing-related.

  18. I’m back on the wagon! I won’t lie to you, I had an excellent spring break off of it. But I’m ready to start again. I’ve written real live words today. It’s something, if not much.

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