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1. As you read this, I am probably getting prepped for my sisters wedding. I’m getting my nails done, which means I won’t be able to type for a few days. That’s the hazard of acrylics (which are necessary since I normally bite my nails down to stubs). And then we’re going to the hotel and getting ready for the rehearsal dinner.

2. And of course, Saturday is the wedding. So excited!

3. I’m super nervous about giving my speech. I’m just going to consider this practice for my first book reading. When I, you know, sell a book. (See what I did there with the when not if?)

4. If you get the New York Times paper, my sister will be in the wedding section on Sunday. So look for her! Her name’s Rebecca.

5. This is also my last weekend of my twenties. *thud* I normally love my birthday but this one I’ve been dreading.

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  1. Good luck with your speech! I wrote a poem for my maid-of-honor speech when my sister got married, and she loved it 🙂 I was terrified, though, since I hate public speaking.

    And happy birthday (soon) too!

  2. Enjoy your 30’s. They are AWESOME! I loved them. I’m am now staring down 50 in a few years…yikes! Seriously, my 30’s were so wonderful. The 40s aren’t too bad either.

    I hope everything went well at the wedding.


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