The Silver Lining | March Madness Check In Day 29

Only 3 days left of March Madness. Only 1 day left of my twenties. Everything’s ending!

Except our work as writers, of course. I may not have met my goals for the month (I’m laying the blame on you, sister’s wedding), but I still made progress. And obviously something is better than nothing. I prefer to celebrate the successes rather than the failures and use it to fuel me forward.

I’m not going to stop when April 1st rolls around (however, there’s nothing I can do about stopping my twenties from ending. Except becoming immortal and the possibility of that seems slim outside of fiction).

How did you do last week? This month as a whole? Did you reach your goal? Exceed? Or just take a few baby steps toward it? Maybe you didn’t even have a chance to start. But it’s all OKAY. There are no winners and losers (well, unless you count the prizes).

Before I go torture my main character by taking my age frustration out on her (in the form of an almost-kiss!!!), I wanted to point you in the direction on Jessi Kirby’s blog. She’s giving away one copy of her book Moonglass per week for the next five weeks.

And don’t forget to check in tomorrow at Angelina’s blog!

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  1. First of all…I have to say it again…Happy Birthday, the 30s rock! 🙂

    Now, as for March Madness…I may not have hit my work count goal, but I did stay motivated, make progress, and stayed inspired by you and all the rest of the gang plowing through.

    Yesterday’s progress got cut short because, can you believe it, I actually had to do some work at my job! (feigned indignation here 😯 ) But I hit a wildly exciting new detail in the WIP, so I am pumped and ready to rock some more today.

    Thanks again to you and the whole MM crew for inspiring us and leading us onward.

  2. Shana, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Congrats again to your sister and her new husband. Saw the awesome photos on FB! It looks like it all went well.

    I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I should have my revision done by the end of the day tomorrow, if not for sure on Thursday! The blog and word count goals have been set aside for now. I work on them when I can. But my family and Thesis have made it through to the other side!

    Thank you again to EVERYONE for the support and encouragement! Congrats Jennifer P for goal completion and to Mary Ann for the progress. Congratulations to everyone else wherever you are on your goals. You all rock ❗ 😀

  3. Happy Birthday! I just left my 20’s as well. It was a sigh-y kind of moment, but things are going well as a 30 year old so far!
    As far as March Madness, my word count goals got a little confused after I cut 8,000 words…so there’s that. But had I not been sitting down (almost) every day to crack the WIP, I would not have known that those 8,000 words were not working.

  4. Happy early birthday, Shana! So glad the wedding went well, too (can’t wait to see a photo of you in the bridesmaid gown!).

    My goal was to write every day, and to finish a critique of a manuscript. I missed 5 days of writing this month–sometimes due to life, sometimes due to work, which has been busy–but overall, I’m pleased. I’ve learned what I need to do to make sure I get the writing time in no matter what. For me, what works best is to write first thing in the morning, even for half an hour. I can always come back to the writing later, and when I do, I’m ready to move right into the next paragraph or scene because I’ve been thinking about those early morning words. I had some 1,000-word days, which I’m thrilled about. More than anything, I’m grateful to know what works for me.

    Cheering for each of you!

  5. Ooooh, happy birthday, Shana! The thirties are definitely the best!

    I made my goal at the end of last week, and added new, more painful goals: doing a detailed outline of this WIP and circling back to do a detailed outline of my previous WIP before diving into revisions on that one.

    So glad to have met you all here – hope we all keep in touch!

  6. happy birthday, Shana! the 30’s are awesome!

    i’m really happy with March, too. congrats to everyone on making progress this month!

  7. Happy birthday a day early! When I turned thirty, my mantra became, “If not now, when?” It prompted me to make big changes. Sounds like you’re already on the right track though.

    If I work hard today, instead of surfing the net, I should get my March goal done.

    But I’ll be back for April fun!



  8. Happy Early Birthday!!! I can’t believe March Madness is already coming to an end!

    I think I’m batting 2 out of 3 goals? Something like that. I have made solid progress but have also taken some time to play outside of writing too. Come on…it was spring break!

  9. 30’s were great, but 40’s are better, so you have decades of fabulousness ahead of you, Shana.

    Was rolling happily along with my MM goal until a revision deadline popped up out of nowhere. Today I’m back to drafting. Having fun, but it’s just so much harder than revising! Plus there’s this amazing TBR pile taunting me. . .

  10. Happy birthday, Shana!! 😀

    I can’t believe there are only 3 days left in March. And today’s almost gone (but today’s writing time is yet to come, as soon as I finish bedtime reading with Son3). Thursday I’ve got a 12 hour shift, so that pretty much leaves me tonight and tomorrow to power through to the finish line. Not sure if I’m going to make it, but like you said, Shana, something is definitely better than nothing, and I’ve definitely accomplished “something”. 😉

    Sounds like there’s been lots of great progress for many of you — yahoo!! Good luck to everyone for these last few days of Madness!

  11. * Happy, Happy Birthday, Shana! May you have an adventurous new decade!

    This week is going well so far and I hope to accomplish more than I did last week. As for the entire month I’m satisfied with my progress, due to having everyone’s company here.

    Hope everybody has a good writing week!

  12. Pre-happy birthday Shana! I have been pretty bad about checking in all month, but I’ve still been playing along. I’ve made some serious progress considering I took a week off for vacation and I just could not bring myself to write a scene that takes place at a strip club at my grandparents’ house. I added in a new scene so I don’t think I will make it all the way to my black moment like I’d hoped, but I think I’ll end the month pretty darn close.

  13. Happy birthday, Shana!

    I am recovering from hitting the wall this weekend. But I’m feeling a bit refreshed now, finally, and I managed to make some more progress on a few scenes that were giving me trouble. Now my husband informs me that he’s ditching me tomorrow night to see a movie with a friend … and I can have a guilt-free evening to myself. Anything’s possible, and I would like to give these goals a chance.

    – Laura

  14. Happy Birthday, Shana.

    Believe me – the 30s aren’t half bad. I’m currently halfway through them.

    Also just wanted to tell you how much I like the scoreboard graphics on March Madness (the basketball version) Awesome job.

    Hoping to catch up on sleep tonight, so I can finish this chapter and achieve my number one goal.

    Off to dreamland, I hope.

  15. Happy Birthday, Shana!!!

    Been working almost nonstop on this revision. Just coming up for air to spread my birthday wishes around the internet!!

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