The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. I’m on high alert today, being extra careful not to fall for any April Fools jokes. However, last night I fell for the “Queen Elizabeth II is dead” twitter prank.


Though it evened out today when I had this conversation with my sister on gchat:

me: so far I’ve only fallen for one april fools prank
I feel this is an accomplishment
Becca: hahaha and that one was?
me: that queen elizabeth died
Becca: WHAT?!?!
omg im an idiot
me: hahahahahahahaha
Becca: i cant believe i did that!
i didnt remember what we were talking about!!!!!
me: that just made my day.
I was telling you the prank I fell for.
And then you fell for it.
Becca: i know!
i got distrated in betweeen
and forgot and just saw “queen elizabeth died” hahaha
me: even though I specifically said it was a prank!
Becca: it was not my finest moment haha

Please note that this is a girl who went to Harvard Law School. I’m thinking they need to revoke her law degree, lol!

2. My fave April Fool’s prank so far has to be what happens when you google HELVETICA. A joke for font nerds and graphic designers! Yay!

3. I’m burying this under the 3 because it’s appropriate. I turned 30. Do I look different to you, readers? Older? More wrinkles? And most importantly, WILL I FINALLY STOP BEING CARDED AT RATED R MOVIES?!

4. This weekend I’m excited because my friend Crista (whose birthday was 2 days before mine) and I are having a joint b-day party this weekend. We’re going Roller Skating because we don’t want to act our age! I’m quite excited. Of course, our version of roller skating will be a little more adult because it involves margaritas beforehand.

5. I’m still taking a bit of a blog hiatus until I get my revisions done on my new WIP. I’ve got an aggressive self-imposed deadline that I really want to meet. I’ll blog sporadically but not every day. I’m super excited about this book!!!

I hope all is well, friends!

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  1. LOL, too funny about your sis! and I love the helvetica prank. 🙂

    Have fun with your birthday celebrations! Me, I’m too old to have margaritas BEFORE skating. Way too dangerous, lol, but I might risk skating sober, if it meant I got to indulge in margaritas afterward. 😉

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