The Silver Lining | TV recap

I haven’t done a one of these in a while and I know my friends like reading them. I’m doing this from memory, which most likely means I will forget to list some shows. Oh well!


90210 I was on the verge of giving up this show but it redeemed itself with the Beauty and the Geek storyline. I love love love that storyline! It’s enough to carry the entire show for me. I still can’t stand Annie or Dixon, and I’m not really interested in Annie’s new Grey Gardens-esque plotline. But I like the Ivy storyline and I thought there were some nice twists to the Silver storyline in the last episode. I’m actually excited this show got renewed, a good sign.
The Secret Life of an American Teenager I’m a few episodes behind right now and I think the show is ridiculous, but I still want to watch. Even if only to laugh at it. I think I need to play a drinking game when I watch and take a shot every time one of the teens uses the word “sex” in the presence of their parents, but I’m afraid if I did that I’d get alcohol poisoning.
Make It or Break It This show is also kind of ridiculous but I still really enjoy it. I saw the Emily twist coming a mile away, but I’m still intrigued. They seemed to have toned Lauren down just slightly in these new episodes, which is good, because I had lost patience with her Mean Girl cattiness. I think the Kaylie/Damon storyline is annoying. And I miss Sasha–though I know he’s in the new episode. Haven’t finished it yet.
Gossip Girl For weeks I’ve barely been paying attention when this show is on. Partly that’s because I have my writer’s group online chat every Monday at 9pm, but mostly it’s because I hate every character, I lost interest once Blair and Chuck got back together and never renewed my interest, and they’ve added so many new characters that I’ve lost track. My mom and I made a pact the other day to give up this show. We vowed to support each other in this endeavor! I hope we fair better than we did with Brothers and Sisters, which we had also vowed to give up but somehow I keep watching.
How I Met Your Mother I still hate Ted, I still watch. Sometimes I laugh. I love Lily.
Chuck This is another show I used to ADORE but I sort of lost interest in after Chuck and Sarah got together. Now I kind of dread whenever I get down to it on my DVR and since it’s been on the bubble, I have been kind of hoping it doesn’t get renewed since there are a whole bunch of pilots in production I want to get picked up instead. I’m sorry, Chuck.
The Event I’m kind of sad this show never found an audience. I actually really like it. Or, I did like it. Until recent episodes when it became obvious the writers were trying to cram everything in before the finale–which will most likely be a series finale–and so a lot of the information revealed ends up being super contrived and ridiculous. They haven’t stayed true to their characters either. One of the noble characters transformed into a SuperVillain in like 2 episodes and they’re trying to justify it but it’s not quite working for me. Still, I’m curious about the greater mythology and I want answers to the unanswered questions. I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be like “Lost” where the answers ended up contradicting the previous 5 seasons.
Pretty Little Liars I really like this show. I can’t wait for it to come back on the air!


Glee I also love this show very much. I love the campy-ness and the satire. I love Brittany S. Pierce and Sue. I like Puck and Lauren. Love Kurt and Blaine. And most of all, I love the songs!
Raising Hope This show is hilarious! I always end up leaving it to last on my DVR but whenever I get around to watch it, I wish I watched it sooner. I think it’s awesome!
Hellcats I sort of dread whenever I get to this on my DVR but then when I do get around to watching it, I enjoy it. That being said, while I enjoy it, I don’t quite care what happens to the characters, which I think might be my problem.
16 and Pregnant OMG I love this show. I have a weird fascination with teen pregnancy, probably because it was so far out of the realm of possibilities when I was in HS. No one in my school got pregnant (that I know of anyway) and we had 2000+ kids in the school. We were all kind of goody goodies. So this show fascinates me. I balled my eyes out at the first episode when the twin sister gave birth. I’ve yet to watch the second episode.
Teen Mom 2 I also love love love this show. I’m devastated about the news that Corey and Leah are divorcing. I want to know what’s wrong with their baby and if she’s going to be okay. I follow all the teen moms on twitter and I love reading up on them! I hate Jenelle, but I’m supposed to. I’m not entirely sure her mother is a better care-taker of that baby, though. Every time the mother yells–sometimes for justified reasons but often not, like when Jenelle bought her son a birthday present and her mom yelled at her about it–the baby looks scared. I think he’s so quiet because he’s afraid to speak. Not a good environment for a child to grow up in.
White Collar This show needs to come back stat. There haven’t been enough shirtless moments of Matthew Bomer in my life since it went off the air. Aside from the eye candy, this show rivals Veronica Mars with its clever mysteries. I adore!!!


Survivor I know this show has been on for a bazillion years, but I still love it. Even more now that Jeff Probst live tweets during the episodes and actually responds to @replies and answers questions. I now can’t WAIT for Wednesdays and I actually watch this show live, instead of DVR’d like I used to do so I can participate in the chats.

And seriously, I think Rob Mariano is the most amazing player ever. I’m guessing he’s got no shot of winning unless he makes an Immunity run to the end (because I doubt anyone would take him, it would be game suicide) but I love watching him strategy. He’s brilliant at it, which is probably why he excels at puzzles.

The Middle Ahhh, love this show! The episode about Frankie being obsessed with the royal wedding was awesome! I can so relate! I’m oddly obsessed with the royal wedding. The characters on this show are all awesome!
Better With You I gave this show up. I had like 20 episodes saved on my DVR and had no desire to watch them. Bye bye, show!
Modern Family This is probably my least favorite of the Wednesday night ABC line up but I still love it. I was trying to figure out who my fave character is, and I realized I couldn’t. I love them all.
Cougar Town I adore this show! I love how a lot of the jokes are subtle, only something a regular viewer would get. This show really found it’s groove. The only thing I don’t like is Travis’s hair. But at least his hair was the subject of a joke last week!
Mr. Sunshine At first I wasn’t into this show but then as I continued to watch episodes, I found myself enjoying it and laughing at it. That being said, I wouldn’t cry if it doesn’t get renewed. It’s the kind of show that I like while watching but I forget about when I’m done.
Happy Endings I gave this a chance last night. I want my half hour back. Not to mention the show is REALLY freaky to watch because the main guy who was left at the alter looks exactly like my friend’s fiance–and we were watching at their house. We all kept doing double takes at the two of them. Strange!


Vampire Diaries THIS IS THE BEST SHOW ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It deserves all caps and the world’s supply of exclamation points! I am seriously so impressed. Every week I go into the episode thinking they can’t possibly top the previous one–and then they do! I am amazed at how they keep the plot moving, keep twisting it up, keep it all so intriguing. I am on the edge of my seat every episode. It constantly surprises and shocks me. I used to feel meh about Elena but now I adore her. She’s less “Bella Swan” now. She can’t physically fight like the vampires, but she’s found a way to fight her own way, and I like that a lot. I think she’s become a much stronger character lately.

And, oh, Damon. SWOOOOOOON!!!!

Big Bang Theory While I love the addition of Amy Fowler Farrah and Bernadette to the cast, I’m just not that into Priya. It’s not that I want Leonard and Penny to get together (I’d actually much rather Penny and Sheldon get together, if only for the hilarity it will case!) but I feel like the Priya situation is making some of the characters bitter and I prefer the geeky awesomeness to the romantic tension.
Community Seriously, this may be the second best show on TV. I’m so so glad it got renewed for a second season but I wish more people watched it and realized it’s awesomeness!
The Office I also kind of lost interest in this show but it was renewed for Will Ferrel. Except, I didn’t like his character on the show, which I know is the whole point, but it was still difficult to gain interest in the next Will Ferrel episode (and I still haven’t watched it). However, I will watch the remaining episodes eventually and depending on the ending, I’ll decide if I should continue next year.
Parks and Recreation I feel like I should watch this show. I hear it’s hilarious. My summer project will be watching all 3 seasons and catching up.
30 Rock Somehow I always forget this show exists, yet whenever I watch it, I’m in hysterics! I need to be more consistent about watching it.
Grey’s Anatomy I honestly have no idea why I still watch this. Maybe it’s for Jackson Avery and his pretty eyes. I really hate medical stuff, especially bloody surgery. I’m constantly closing my eyes or getting squeamish. I don’t really like most of the characters. I like Lexie. And the new baby doctor with the blond hair. But pretty much everyone else I’m meh about. I used to abhor Meredith but they’ve improved her by making her cheerier. Except her storylines with Derek are boring. I was a lot more into Arizona and Callie before they turned Arizona into an awful bitch. Can’t stand Owen, which means I can’t stand Christina now.  And the musical episode was hilariously bad. And yet…I still watch. And I actually look forward to it. I was surprised to find how excited I was this week when I discovered there would be a new episode. I’m strange!
Jersey Shore I ended up forgetting to watch most of this season, which I feel bad about. It’s still weird to see Mike Sorrentino–aka The Situation–on TV. He friended me and everyone from our old HS on Facebook recently, which is strange. It seems he had created a separate, personal account just for that. I can’t figure out why, it’s not like he’s interacting with us or we even care (okay I do! haha). Too bad my 10-year reunion happened before the show existed (and got canceled because no one signed up to attend).




The Amazing Race This show has started to get boring. I’ve been reading some reality show blogs and they seem to have pinpointed why. Too many equalizers and too many alliances. The social game has ruined things because it’s killed a lot of the tension, like last week when all the teams shared answers. If they hadn’t shared, a lot of them would have had to repeat the task which would have been awesome to watch. Instead they all ganged up on one team who got eliminated because of it. I don’t think the social game belongs in this show. One of the great things about it was always that the weakest team of the leg got eliminated. Now, it’s easy to get the strongest team out.
Desperate Housewives I don’t love this show as much as I used to, but I still find it entertaining. I’m glad they killed a lot of the storylines I didn’t like (Bree dating a younger guy) and replaced them with more interesting ones (Bree’s tension with her son).
Brothers and Sisters This is another show I want to give up, but I can’t seem to do it. It’s another show on the bubble of renewal that I’m actually hoping doesn’t get picked up again so I can give it up without feeling guilt! That being said, my mom told me the latest episode is one of the best they’ve ever had. So I’m intrigued and now looking forward to watching.
Big Love Yes, this ended. I had loved the first 3 seasons. I really hated season 4. I wanted to like season 5, but I didn’t. I know a lot of people loved the finale but I thought it was absurd. As was most of this season. I’m kind of glad this ended. :-/

What have you been watching lately? What’s awesome? What do you want to give up for good?

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  1. Awesome, someone else that loves TV!

    I agree, Vampire Diaries just keeps getting better and better.

    I used to watch 90210, but my last move took me to a place without DVR, so I had to give up on some shows. I can’t stand Annie, either.

    Make It or Break It – I also figured out the Emily thing and so glad Sasha is back. The Kaylie/Damon s/l makes me feel ick. Why can’t these girls deal without some dude being around? Only Payson has any sense apparently.

    I can’t even watch The Secret Life – I tried a few episodes the first season and it was just so ridiculous.

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