The Silver Lining | BEA recap! Part 1

Oh my, where do I begin? First, I apologize if I miss anyone in this post, it was a whirlwind week!

Part 2 of my recap will go up on Friday. Too much awesome to fit in one post!


While most others had traveled to NYC and could get to the Teen Author Carnival by its 4pm start, I still had to go to work. My coworker Jennifer and I met up with Laura from Laura’s Review Bookshelf in my office lobby and the 3 of us headed to the Teen Author Carnival just in time to make the second panel. Laura and I go way back–she’s met not only my husband but she once spent the day with my mother-in-law and me at ALA!

At the Carnival, I got to say hi or meet for the first time several of the Bookanistas such as Gretchen McNeil, Michelle Hodkin, Matt Blackstone, Kirsten Hubbard, and Scott Tracey, which was very exciting. I chose to go to the debut panel and I’m so glad I did! It was really awesome to hear all their publication stories, and Lenore was the cutest moderator! I loved her story about how when she’s stuck she asks her husband to write a paragraph for her in exchange for her doing one of his cartoons.

I also met several other authors–way too many to name so apologies for that!

I stupidly did not take any photos the entire week. FAIL. Why do I always do this? I may have a photographic memory but so far uploading memories in the computer has not been invented (outside of YA novels at least).

Though it’s probably best I didn’t take photos because now there is no photographic evidence of the practical joke the humidity played on my hair.

After the Teen Author Carnival, Gretchen, Laura, and Steve Cordero, who is an Absolute Write poster and I headed to meet a few other Absolute Write posters such as Cindy Pon and Wendy Cebula for dinner. We also met up with Gretchen’s mom, who is just the cutest ever! Great food is even better when accompanied by writing and book chat.

I had the good sense that night to go to bed at a reasonable hour, which is not something I can say for Tuesday.


I was very eager and excited for BEA this day. SO eager and excited that I woke up at 5:30am raring to go! I am generally a morning person so this wasn’t a surprise. I even got to the Javits at 7:15 instead of the proposed 7:30. I was armed with a large iced coffee and a donut (oops, how did that happen?) and Laura and I were first in line to enter when the doors opened at 9:00am. We met up with Janet Gurtler, and I recognized Harmony from Harmony’s Radiant Reads so Laura introduced us and we took her under our wing. Harmony is the cutest thing! And very awesome because she introduced me to many publicists as did Laura. Janet also brought me a signed copy of her book I’M NOT HER because I’m in the acknowledgements!!!!! That was one of the highlights of the whole experience!

I handed out schedules to my army of book lovers with signing times and a highlighted map of the floor. I had a plan of action that I’d worked several days prepping.

First we headed straight for the Scholastic booth since they had tweeted the day before pictures of Forever ARCs and a big stack of The Scorpio Races ARCs. The entrance we were first in line for was directly in front of Scholastic. After getting those books, we made our way to HarperCollins, Penguin, Little Brown, Bloomsbury, HMH, and a few others. Throughout the day we alternated between making the rounds of booths to waiting on lines for books. I also talked to many authors and publicists and handed out all 50 of the business cards I brought! Good thing I had reserves.

I’ll post pictures of my BEA loot on Friday (mostly because I, once again, forgot to snap a photo even though it’s all nicely lined up on my bookshelf in Release Date order), but aside from THE SCORPIO RACES (pictured above) here are some of my most desired books I received on DAY 1 of BEA that I can remember off the top of my head. That’s the key part of that sentence!

Plus many many more!

After BEA ended I had pretty much 5 minutes to lug my suitcase full of books to my sister’s apartment and drop them off despite wanting to spend an absurd amount of time hugging them. Then I headed off to meet the Bookanistas for dinner! Scott Tracey couldn’t come but Stasia Kehoe joined the same group from the Teen Author Carnival instead. We dined on delicious pasta from Becco and traded many stories!

After I took Matt Blackstone with me and heading to Laura’s hotel to catch a cab with her and Janet for the SoHo Press party way downtown.

I’m so glad I did because my agent Sarah LaPolla was there and I got to hang out with her! She looked so adorable in her dress! We chatted for a while, including some talk about my revisions and future novels. We were all the last ones to leave the party so after it ended, Sarah, Laura, author Michael Nothrop who is always at every NYC YA event I go to and always makes me laugh, and a few other agents and I headed to another bar for another drink. I seriously had the best time!

I didn’t get home until super late, which made waking up at 5:30 6:00am difficult the next morning, but it was so worth it!

BEA days Wednesday and Thursday recap coming on Friday!

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