The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. I decided I want to do a vlog for part 2 of my BEA recap, but I haven’t had a chance to film it yet. Hopefully I will have some time this weekend and it will go up on Monday! However, I am going away this weekend because…

2. It’s my first year anniversary with my husband! HOLY CRAP THAT WENT FAST. Especially considering I waited 7 years for that wedding! We are going to Atlantic City this weekend (aka VegasLite) to celebrate. Neither of us gambles, but we like to people watch and there are exotic pools at the Borgata, and we’ll go out to a nice dinner. Then on Sunday we are going to stop at my parents’ house on the way home since the bakery that made our wedding cake is making a mini-replica for our first anniversary, so we’ll share that with my family. Very excited since I didn’t really get to eat anything at the actual wedding, now I can indulge!

Since this is the Paper Anniversary, I think this clearly means the hubs should buy me books as a gift, yes?

3. In other gift news, I am finally getting my 30th birthday gift from my parents this weekend (only about 2 months too late). An iPad!!! I hear it can sync with Scrivener, which is super exciting to me. I also got a portable keyboard for it to make typing on the go easy peasy. Mostly I’m looking forward to reading some of the Galley Grab and NetGalley books on it.

4. As far as writing updates go, I am revising 2 books and outlining a new one! The outlining is just happening naturally whenever ideas come to me, I’m not necessarily seeking them out. Very excited about all three of these things!

5. I have summer Fridays and it’s almost quitting time, so I can’t think of a number 5 except to say have a great weekend!

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