The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. So I mentioned last week I would be doing a vlog about BEA. Clearly this hasn’t happened yet, only because I didn’t have time to film last weekend due to the whole First Wedding Anniversary thing. I am going to try to film this weekend instead!

2. Yesterday you may have noticed Jen Hayley and I tweeting a lot about ninjas. This was an experiment to see if we could become influential in ninjas on Klout. After all, I am influential in some random things. Like glasses (which I think comes from tweeting once about lasik) and cars (despite the fact that I don’t drive) and Spirituality (despite the fact that I do not believe in religion…however I say OMG a lot and I think that might be why). Also, I am pretty influential in COOKIES, which is a topic I feel very passionate about. And I am very glad I can help others find the joy of cookies through my tweets.

So I am hoping to be influential in ninjas.


I hope this happens. I want to be the wikipedia of Ninjas, the resource everyone goes to to be influenced.

3. Don’t tell anyone, but even though I appeared in the Bookanistas Divergent celebration video as Dauntless yesterday, I’m really more Amity and Erudite. But those weren’t as fun to film!

4. Last night on twitter Jessica Love PROMISED to watch Buffy. SHE HAS NEVER SEEN IT. This is NOT okay. Fellow Buffy fans, just think of all that she is missing! Her life is not complete! She probably doesn’t even get most of the TV Tropes. Therefore, we cannot continue to be friends until she watches. I gave her a deadline to get to Season 6 Episode 9 (SMASHED) by SCBWI LA when we room together so we can discuss gush over Spike. I love Smashed, if only for that end scene.

So please, dear friends, hound her on twitter and force her to watch Buffy!


5. I’ve got a revision marathon planned for this weekend with a little shopping in between. Yay for the hubs at a bachelor party all weekend!

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