The Silver Lining | Monday Musings (1): My Writing Dream Cave

Monday Musings is a weekly event hosted by Jen HayleyShana Silver, and Chandler Craig that highlights some aspect of the writing life. Short on blog topics? Everyone is welcome to participate. All we ask is that you link to one of our posts and leave your link in the comments. We’ll provide the following week’s topic by Wednesday of each week.

Today’s topic:

What is your writing space like now and what would your dream writing space be?

I have two writing spaces. My current writing space is very exciting. You may want to sit down as you read this as I don’t want you to fall over in awe. It is this:

My couch

My couch. I know this image must be very thrilling for you, dear readers. Couches are quite rare and so you may be wondering how I got to be so lucky to have this luxury. That is a secret I do not have the authority to divulge.

Generally when I write in this space, it’s not empty. Usually there’s a body on the opposite side of the couch annoying me by putting his feet on my lap. At least once every few minutes he accidentally knocks out my power cord. He often rattles the computer by shaking his leg.

If you look closely, there is another computer in the very back. I sometimes banish the annoying person to that area. He might claim that he goes there on his own accord to listen to podcasts, but don’t be fooled. I have him whipped.

To the right of the couch (or the image’s left), you will see what I keep near and dear to me as I write. Or, the stuff I simply forget is there and I’m too lazy to move.

The stuff next to my couch

The items here are as follows:

  • A wedding count down clock. Yes, my wedding was over a year ago. Last year I had it counting down to our anniversary. So far I’ve been too lazy to reset it to count down to our second anniversary as that one doesn’t seem all that important.
  • Two hair barrettes. These are here because I sat down at my computer, decided to take them off, and left them right where I set them down.
  • The little silver figurine is an ALICE IN WONDERLAND figurine that my Mother In Law gave me for Christmas one year. It’s my muse.
  • Chapstick. Super important to my writing mojo.
  • A post-it note. These are notes I leave to myself the night before about what I need to revise the next day. Often I have gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to scribble something down and sleep-walk it to my Couch-Desk. It’s funny to try to decipher what I meant in the morning.

I generally write when I’m watching TV which means I either pay attention to the TV or what I’m writing but not both. Okay, more often than not I’m paying attention to twitter and neither of those things.

I also write a lot during my lunch break at work and sometimes I come in early just to write before anyone else gets in and before my day starts. I tend to be the most productive in the morning.

This is what my work cubicle looks like. It is not usually this messy. It’s usually messier. I just cleaned it up for this photo op.

My work cubicle

As you see, I’ve decorated it with inspirational things. Here’s a closer look:

The white poster is not white, but I removed the contents of it because it hints at the WIP retelling I’m working on. Surrounding my desk are:

  • Alice in Wonderland posters
  • Illustrations from various other fairy tales I found on Zazzle.
  • Quotes from Buffy
  • A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide poster
  • A map that I think Jen Hayley left when she used to work here.
  • A picture from my wedding, just because I should probably have that.

So those are the two places I write!


My dream writing space is the same as the couch but it includes someone giving me foot massages while I write.

Seriously, that’s it. I hate sitting at desks. I like lounging as I type. So I’d want to stay on the couch, but have footrubs. Maybe a back rub too. Also, it would be nice to write while being a millionaire.

What’s your current writing space like and what would your dream space look like?

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