The Silver Lining | Ack! Does this mean I have to be Team Stefan?

So out of utter boredom and a competition with my husband to see who had more famous people hail from our hometowns or the one next to it (for me that’s Manalapan, NJ and Marlboro, NJ and for him that’s Needham, MA, and Newton, MA). He won the competition with Newton but…you guys…I DISCOVERED THAT STEFAN FROM VAMPIRE DIARIES IS FROM MARLBORO, NJ!

Let me step back and explain something for a second. Though I grew up in Manalapan, all my friends went to Marlboro. I bided my time with acquaintances during high school itself but as soon as school let out each day I hung out with people from Marlboro. Though I went to Manalapan’s junior and senior prom, I also went to Marlboro’s senior prom (they didn’t have a junior one). The reason all my friends were from Marlboro was because I met them all at travel camp and liked them better than people from my own school.

So though I graduated from Manalapan, I always felt like I sort of went to Marlboro too since I knew more people from that school.

Which clearly means that Stefan Paul Wesley and I are soul mates.

I am quite horrified by that statement. I now feel compelled (haha vamp joke) to root for him on the show even though I am 100% Team Damon.

This is an awful conundrum to be in. I now feel as torn as Elena.

I wonder if my dad was Stefan’s eye doctor. I wonder if I’ve sat next to him in restaurants and didn’t know it. Maybe I even talked to him at prom. Oh, this is too much.

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