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1. Ahhhhh next week is SCBWI LA!!!! I’m so excited! I’m rooming with Jessica Love and Heather Trese, who are awesome and I can’t wait to hang out with them. There will be a Bookanista meet up, Kidlit Drinks on Sunday night at Pink Taco, John Green and Laurie Halse Anderson…it’s going to be amazing!

I want to meet everyone there so if you recognize me, please say hello! Here’s a tip, I’m only five feet tall. So…look down. Hopefully I make up in personality what I lack in height!

2. After the conference, my husband is flying out on Monday to meet me in LA. We’re going to spend the week doing these cool things:

  • Visiting Dreamworks studio and eating lunch in their cafeteria. (My cousin’s husband works there.)
  • Seeing a taping of TWO BROKE GIRLS.
  • Possibly seeing a taping of THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO. (I have tix, just trying to figure out if they conflict with our plans.)
  • Hopefully witnessing the taping of a comedy podcast.
  • Going to Disneyland
  • Spending a day at the beach
  • Eating at lots of awesome restaurants (though it might be sad that what I’m REALLY excited for is IN AND OUT BURGER).
  • Hanging with my cousin, who I don’t see often since she moved from NJ to LA
  • Plus lots of touristy and shopping goodness

I’m in desperate need of a vacation after a crazy and stressful month at work so this is coming at the perfect time!

3. I know I’ve been sort of MIA on here aside from Bookanista Reviews. I’ve been traveling a lot. To Boston to hang with the in-laws (and attend a wedding). To Philly and Fort Lauderdale, FL for work. And I’ve been using what little time I have for my revisions. I have multiple novels to revise, which leaves very little time for blogging.  So bad news, you get less of me. Good news, my novels are going super well!

4. Last night I went to a Weezer/Flaming Lips concert. It was awesome! But also really strange. In a good way though. The bands both headlined, but instead of playing back to back, they played side to side. Meaning, the stage was set up with both bands’ equipment. The lead singers came out at the same time–inside giant human-sized bubbles–and performed a song together with every member of the bands playing. Then they traded set-lists with each band playing approximately 3 songs before taking a break. Really, it was more like Weezer played 3 songs and the Flaming Lips played one very very long atmospheric song. This went on for several different rounds.

I’m a HUGE Weezer fan but I only really know one song by the Flaming Lips. However, their part of the concert really blew me away. They had a lot of theatrics which was very entertaining and fun to watch. The lead singer sang an entire song while on the shoulders of a marching guy in a bear costume. He had smoking megaphones he snag out of. At one point he used his mic to swat at balloons filled with confetti that rained down on him on impact. About 30 girls dressed in sailor costumes a la Sailor Moon danced on stage for every one of their songs. And they had crazy cool graphics in the background.

Weezer were awesome as ever. I’m THRILLED they played THE GOOD LIFE because it’s my fave song and they didn’t play it at the last concert. They also played SUSANNE, another song I’ve loved ever since Mallrats, so I was excited about that. They played mostly old stuff and skipped a lot of their newer singles, which was cool with me. I like their old stuff! (I like their new stuff too.) Rivers sang an entire song from the center of the audience and then stayed there to watch one of the Flaming Lips sets.
Great concert! And I don’t even mind that I’m a zombie today thanks to lack of sleep.

5. My only regret about the concert is that it was the same night that BUSH played in NYC. I had to choose, and I love both bands! My husband likes Weezer more, so we went there. But I have a long time love affair with Bush, dating back to 1995 when…I created my own fanzine to them and had thousands of subscribers. And no I’m not ashamed!

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  1. I hate having to make hard choices, but the concert you chose sounds amazing so it’s all good.

    Congrats on the novel workings! Sadly, we can’t do it all (I’m still waiting for a clone to do my blogging and housecleaning so I can immerse myself in writing). 😀

    Have a blast at SCBWI LA!!!

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