The Silver Lining | Friday Five

1. I’m going to NEW YORK COMIC CON tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT! It’s nerd heaven! I’m planning on going to a Buffy and Angel comic panel, meeting Spike (aka James Marsters, but really just Spike), attending a YA heroine panel and many other things.

Also, I am wearing a custom made Doctor Who shirt! Pics to follow.

If you see me there (among the other 100,000 attendees, say hello!)

2. As far as a writing update, I’m revising two books that are really close to being done. I just received some awesome notes on one of them from my agent and I cannot wait to implement her changes this weekend! I’m hoping to get both revised by end of October so I can participate in Nanowrimo.

3. I’ve been outlining my nano book for several months now, just here and there whenever plot points come to me. Now the book is pretty much all plotted out. I’m so excited about this book! I’ve been wanting to write this premise since I first conceived it when I was in high school. It was mostly just a premise and it took me a long time to find the right characters for the story. But I have them now and I HEART them. The book is sci-fi, so it’s a bit of a departure from my contemporaries, but hopefully in a good way, and this will definitely be the most challenging thing I’ve written. I love a good challenge!

4. I’m also excited because I found out my office is most likely sending me to the UK the last week in November! I mostly have to do work stuff while I’m there, but I also plan on kidnapping David Tennant. I’m taking requests for other cute British boys I should stow away in my suitcase home. I also hope to take home an accent and get rid of this American one I’ve been carrying around my whole life.

5. I can’t think of a number 5 so I will just say have a good weekend!

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  1. Hope Comic Con was fun because it seemed like it was happenin’! 🙂

    Also, I totally approve of this snatching-up David Tennant plan. Please, do share!

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