The Silver Lining | TV recap: Spring 2013 edition!

I always get lots of requests for my TV recaps and since I haven’t done one in a while, it’s time for a new one!

Here are all the shows I am DVRing that are currently airing, just wrapped in March, or will be airing by the end of March.

How I Met Your Mother My DVR keeps forgetting to tape this. I am not upset.
Switched at Birth I love this ground-breaking show. I thought the recent all-ASL episode was exceptional and really helped the audience understand what it feels like to deaf. I also love the all the characters are flawed yet still likable. This is one of the shows I look forward to each week.
Bunheads It premiered in January and had its spring finale in March. All those episodes are saved on my DVR. I have not watched any of them yet.
90210 For some reason I’m still watching this. No, I’m not sure why either.
The Carrie Diaries I watched one episode. It made me cry. I decided not to watch anymore.
Being Human I adore this show but with that baby thing and that work thing and those books I’m writing, this one is also saved to the DVR, unwatched. I plan to devour it in one chunk though over the summer.
2 Broke Girls As raunchy as it is, this show still makes me laugh every time. Plus, several of the writers went to my alma matter.
The Secret Life of an American Teenager Ugh. It’s coming back. But yay–it’s the last season! I hate this show and yet I can’t stop watching. Now I’m even more intrigued because the main male love interest, Ricky, will be the love interest in the Delirium pilot.
Revolution It’s been on hiatus for 4 months and I still have 5 episodes saved on my DVR. This show is ridiculous and not in a good way. I like the concept but I think they went in entirely the wrong direction with it.
Teen Mom 2 Really, Jenelle, you would rather go to jail than miss a Kesha concert? Sadly, that wasn’t the worst example of trainwrecking this show has. I can’t look away.
Pretty Little Liars This show is getting more and more contrived. How many dead bodies is that now? With no one arrested for it? The show at least surprised me with Toby’s demise.
The Lying Game Another one that took the crazy train out of the station. This show seems to have deviated from the original premise of twins separated at birth who switch lives so they can track down their birth mother. Now one of the twins is downright evil (aka no longer sympathetic), the mother is nefarious, the birth father is nefarious  and love triangles are switched up for no apparent reason. Why is Kristen attracted to Alec? Why in the world would Ethan dump Emma for Sutton?
White Collar I love this show–and not just for the eye candy! The mysteries are well-developed and complex, the characters are ones you want to root for, even when they do bad things, and that season cliffhanger? Whoo. Doozy!
New Girl EEEE! Hate on Zooey if you want but I ADORE this show. It’s my second fave show (behind Vampire Diaries, not including Doctor Who, which is in a league of its own). I watched that kiss between Nick and Jess a thousand times. I love that the characters are my age, and even though I’m married and long past the roommate stage, I still relate to what they’re going through.
The Mindy Project I avoid watching this show and then when I get around to it, I find it funny. I should watch it more often.
Raising Hope This show always makes me smile.
Smash I’ve watched 3 episodes of the new season now. I’m not sure why. I think I might give it up.
Cougar Town I raise my wine glass to this show. It successfully changed networks while keeping the spirit and the characters true to the original (unlike Community, which didn’t change networks but showrunners). I love this show.
The Middle Sue is one of my fave characters on TV these days. Though I love Axl and Brick as well.
The Neighbors Campy but kind of fun. I don’t feel compelled to watch each week, but I still do.
Modern Family I think the writing on this show is brilliant.
Suburgatory Same for this, but in a more satire-y way. I am still laughing at the scene where Noah demonstrated the game of peek-a-boo.
Nashville I watched the first two eps. The rest are racking up on my DVR. I wasn’t all that into it but I’ll try to watch over the summer.
Survivor I still watch for some stupid reason, but lately I’ve been fast forwarding to only see the competitions and who gets voted off. I’m bored by camp life and scheming.
Arrow Only watched the first episode. I was confused but intrigued. The rest of the episodes are piling up on my DVR. I might get around to it this summer…or I might just delete it all unwatched.
Vampire Diaries BEST SHOW ON TV! Damon’s abs! I am so impressed how this show manages to keep the stories going at such a rapid rate (save for the quest to find Silas). Every week ends with a bang. I’m thrilled Elena finally wised up and got with Damon, even if she had to be sired to do it (though I am not convinced she’s really sired). I like Stefan being cocky and evil instead of brooding and boring and safe. And Klaus! YUM! And Caroline is awesome too.
Parks and Recreation The characters on this show are brilliant. Love every episode.
Community This show pales in comparison to its former glory. When the showrunner left/was fired, he took the creativity with it.
Grey’s Anatomy Why am I still watching this show? Oh right, Dr. Avery.
Big Bang Theory I didn’t think they could top the character of Sheldon but Amy Farrah Fowler is fast on his heels.
Glee What this show really needs is MOAR CHARACTERS. They don’t have enough. For real though, the storylines are forced, not one character is likable, the mash ups are trite, and I cringe several times per episode. I only watch because I like the performances, but even those are getting absurd. And just when I think I should quit–I discover they are doing a mash up of Bye Bye Bye and I Want It That Way in this week’s episode. Yes, please!
Doctor Who !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There aren’t enough exclamation points to showcase my excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It returns on March 30!!! MY BIRTHDAY!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE! I am intrigued by Clara Oswin Oswald. I will miss Amy and Rory though.
Once Upon a Time I still think Emma is blah and too stone-faced to care. But I love retellings oh-so-much. Though I think my Captain Hook rivals theirs.
The Amazing Race Unlike Survivor, I still actually like this show.
Revenge In the fall, the Hubs and I did a marathon of season 1 in about two days because we got hooked. Not quite feeling it this season. It’s a bit of a mess. Though the last episode seemed promising in trying to reel it back to it’s original, hooky premise.
Happy Endings This show is brilliant but I’m pretty sure no one else watches it but me. It will probably be canceled and that makes me sad.
Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 This one was already canceled and that also makes me sad. I was the only one who liked this one.
Girls I really want to start watching this but I don’t have HBO. Woe is me.

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