The Silver Lining | Friday Five: wins and losses this week

1. WIN: The Veronica Mars movie is happening, people! Now we need a My So-Called Life movie. Who’s with me? I mean, it’s essentially the same scenario as Veronica Mars: lead actress, most famous of the bunch, currently starring in cable show, rabid fan base, most other cast members are not doing anything else (except in the case of Jared Leto, who I am convinced is a vampire. Evidence below:).

Jared Leto: Circa November 2012.

On second thought…maybe that isn’t such a good idea. Let’s look at this pic instead:

Jared Leto: Circa My So-Called Life

Ahhh, much better.
2. LOSE: R.I.P. Google Reader. Why, Google, why? You kill Reader but let Google+ live? I never realized how much I relied on it until I found out it was diagnosed with a terminal illness and had less than 6 months to live. I find myself reminiscing about the good times we had: all those mornings I’d sip coffee while clicking through my blogroll, all those times… Well, actually that’s it. Just the coffee/morning memory.

In your short life, you made such a big impact.

Still, I’m working up the courage to say goodbye. And in this case, “goodbye” translates to: “replace with another RSS reader.” It’ll be like google reader never existed. Much like when I replaced my old Geocities website with my own domain name. Those were the days…

3. WIN: Vampire Diaries returned this week! And though we didn’t get a shirtless Damon scene, we got something better:

Klaus and Hayley sex scene

You’re welcome for this perfect screen shot.


4. LOSE: The weather. WTF, NYC? One day you are beautiful and glorious and I can carry my jacket in my arms on my commute home. The next day it’s freezing with a bitter wind whipping me in the face as my fingers grow red despite my gloves. MAKE UP YOUR MIND. (Note: you are only allowed to make up your mind to become Spring.) March is supposed to go in like a lion and out like a lamb. It’s March 15, therefore we are halfway through the month. It’s time for the lamb, buddy!


5. WIN: I made a ton of progress outlining my new book. EEEE! My characters finally have names! This is exciting as I was sick of calling them “Girl” and “Love Interest.” It turns out naming characters is much harder for me than naming a baby. My new protagonist is going to be a lot of fun to write. She’s very different from Kasey and Wendy (my last two protagonists). They were good girls. This new one? She’s a rebel. And I’ve got some sneaky plot twists up my sleeve in this book. Can’t wait to get started writing! Hopefully within the next few days!

Outline of new book (blurred out for spoilerly goodness)

Outline of new book (blurred out for spoilerly goodness)

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