The Silver Lining | Friday Five: “Good things coming up” edition!


DOCTOR WHO RETURNS THIS WEEKEND! OMG I am so freaking excited. I’m sad the Ponds won’t be in the series anymore, but I have to admit, I’m intrigued by Clara Oswin Oswald. She won me over in the premiere last year. I’m curious where the writers will take this story. Now I just need to find a UK stream of the episode so I don’t have to wait an extra 6 hours to watch it air in the US.

I still like Ten better…


Even better than Doctor Who on Saturday, it’s my birthday.

I guess I shouldn’t be all that excited anymore since it turns out each year I have to actually get older. That was pretty exciting when I was a teenager and each year older meant some new privilege I wasn’t privy to before:

  • 13: In the Jewish religion, I am legally declared an adult! (Or I would have been if I actually had a Bat Mitzvah like the rest of my friends/family.)
  • 14: Old enough to get babysitting jobs which meant $$$ on top of my measly allowance.
  • 15: Old enough for a teen tour/travel camp. Translation: a hotel room with friends instead of parents!
  • 16: No longer a camper but a counselor. Plus learner’s permit!
  • 17: Driver’s license! Stupid NJ making you wait until 17. Also, I wrote my first novel.
  • 18: Legal adult! Graduating HS! Attending college! I can play the lottery! And buy…cigarettes? Luckily I didn’t partake in that coming-of-age ritual.

Now the only new thing I ever get on my birthday is a slower metabolism and guilt over those birthday calories that really shouldn’t count. Anyway, I’m excited because we’re going to my inlaws this weekend for Easter so at least I’m getting a baby-free evening while they watch the little munchkin so my husband and I can go out to dinner in Boston.

Oh, and I got a Kindle Fire from my parents. So that’s something!


Next Wednesday April 3 I am going to attend the Teen Author Reading at the NYPL! I’m so excited. Look at this line up. Who wouldn’t be excited? If you see me there, say hi!

  • Caela Carter, Me, Him, Them, and It
  • Elizabeth Eulberg, Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality
  • Maya Gold, Spellbinding
  • Barry Lyga, Game
  • Michael Northrop, Rotten
  • Lindsay Ribar, The Art of Wishing
  • Jennifer E. Smith, This is What Happy Looks Like
  • Nova Ren Suma, 17 & Gone
  • Jess Verdi, My Life After Now
  • K. M. Walton, Empty



This is still more than a week away, but on Saturday April 6, the baby turns 9 months. This means she’ll have been “out” as long as she was “in.” Crazy! Especially since pregnancy seemed to go by soooooooooo freaking slooooooowly and the last 9 months have flown by. I guess that’s what happens when you never sleep and all your days and nights jumble together.

Requisite baby photo

Requisite baby photo


The last good thing coming up is that I’m almost done with my revisions of THE GIRL WHO WOULDN’T GROW UP (my Peter Pan retelling), which means I get to start first drafting my new novel! I’m so excited! I’ve already created a super detailed outline and cork boarded it out in Scrivener. So now all I have to do is start typing! My new protagonist is pretty bad ass and I can’t wait to get inside her head. Also, I can’t wait for the kissing scenes. Maybe I’ll write those first.

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