The Silver Lining | Friday Five

Sorry about the lack of blogging this week but I have a good excuse! Look at what I accomplished this week:


Sent revisions of my Peter Pan retelling to my agent. Killed a lot of darlings (though not Wendy Darling) in the last pass but it was worth it.

Screen shot from the best Peter Pan adaptation: the 2003 version.


Completed the outline for my new novel. The outline bulged to 10k and reads more like a bare bones first draft. It even has some dialogue in some places. Now I just need to flesh it out and make it awesome!



Began writing said new book. I’m only about 900 words in so far, but progress is progress!



Started baby proofing the house because the baby learned to crawl! I also played an infinite number of games of “How big is Quinn?” “So big!”


I am preemptively putting this task on the list in the hope that writing it here holds me accountable to it this weekend:


Spring cleaning! It’s time to switch my drawers from sweaters to short-sleeves and make the whole house shine. Yes, that means I’ll even wash the windows, which is one of my least favorite tasks on account of me being 5’0″ and have to stand on a stool. (Okay who am I kidding? I’ll make the husband do that job while I take care of the easier, lower to the ground ones.)


Next week I’ll be back with more writing advice!

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