The Silver Lining | Misadventures with Rock the Drop 2013

If you are part of the YA community, you already know that Rock the Drop took place last Thursday April 18th. What you don’t know is that I participated!

I had grand plans before I left for work to drop one of the books in Penn Station and the other book in the Canal street Downtown A,C,E subway station (where I get out for work). Both these plans were thwarted, however, by the increased police presence in NYC due to the Boston Marathon Bombings. All the potential locations I had planned on leaving the book in Penn Station had a uniformed police officer looming nearby.

Clearly, I am not a terrorist–I don’t even like to see blood on The Vampire Diaries. Not to mention the fact that though I don’t know the general fashion of terrorists, I’m guessing they don’t usually wear sparkly blue Toms shoes, an aqua jacket, or carry a pink floral purse. Still, I didn’t want to look suspicious by leaving behind a book, which a passerby may think was an unattended package. “If you see something, say something,” announcements warned. I didn’t want to cause fear in any of the other people walking through the station who may have misinterpreted my actions. I would only be dropping a book that I hoped someone else would pick up and read and love just as much as I did. But you never know what might set off someone’s alarms.

So I left Penn Station with the books still in hand and headed to the subway, reinforcing my plan to drop at least one book there. My revised plan now called to drop the other book in the park across the street from my office. Well, this plan was thwarted as well by the swarms of police officers roaming the subway cars and the station itself. I forgot that there’s a police station INSIDE the Canal Street station. Doh.

Strike 2.

The park was suddenly becoming not just my last resort, but my ONLY resort. If I struck out there, I’d have no choice but to place the books on the free book shelf in my office–where most books sit for years without ever being picked up. (Remember I work for a publisher–there are a LOT of free books sitting in my office.)

When I went to the park, I discovered I wasn’t alone in my predicament! There, sitting on an otherwise empty bench, was a copy of HOW TO SAY GOODBYE IN ROBOT by Natalie Standiford. Someone else had already dropped a book in this location! I had a fellow YA-loving comrade in my very vicinity!

I decided to spread out the wealth and keep the other book company. I headed to the opposite end of the little park where I placed both of my books, side by side, so someone who loves YA would find not one but TWO awesome books.

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer and Legend by Marie Lu

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer and Legend by Marie Lu

I will ignore the fact that when I went out for lunch a few hours later, both books were still there. 🙁  I didn’t check after the work day. I couldn’t bare to see them still there then!


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