The Silver Lining | Friday Five: stalk me next week edition


As you may have guessed from my last post, I’ll be at BEA next week Thursday-Saturday. If you’re looking for a detailed schedule of YA signings and giveaways happening at BEA, I’ve created one and I’d be happy to share it with you. Please email me at shanasilver at gmail dot com. Since I’m a Project Manager in my day job, my schedules are pretty epic. I will also be carrying extra copies of the schedule with me at the Javits, so you can find me there as well. Or if you just want to say hello, that’s cool too! I love to meet new people, especially book-loving people! I look like this:

*Giant Hershey's bar not included at BEA

*Giant Hershey’s bar not included at BEA



Since I work in publishing, my office is sending me to BEA, so technically I’ll be there under my real name. Luckily my real name includes “Shana” but my last name will begin with a “P” instead of “Silver.” It’s still me, you can still say hi! And I’ve got business cards that say Shana Silver to prove it. (I also have day job ones under my real name if you happen to be a vendor working in digital publishing.)



Unless my achy feet have other plans, I’m hoping to attend some YA parties happening next week. I won’t be at the Teen Author Carnival but you may see me at other events happening Thursday and Friday evenings and maybe even Saturday afternoon.



The good thing about BEA being next week, besides you know, all the bookselling and networking benefits, is TV is on hiatus for the summer. I can’t wait to fill my evenings with reading instead of gushing over shirtless vampires! Though I could still gush over shirtless vampires on Netflix…



In other book/writing related news, I’ve surpassed 50k on my YA sci-fi WIP! I’m sooooo excited about this book. And I’m even more excited because getting to 50k means lots of kissing (for my characters, not for me). Also I’m almost at Act 3 and Act 3 will be epic!

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