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I’m taking a cue from my friend Chandler Baker and participating in What’s Up Wednesday this week. What is that you ask?

What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly blog hop hosted by Jamie Morrow and Erin Funk similar to the Currently… post that has been circulating. This is shorter and a bit more manageable to allow us to connect with our blog followers on a weekly basis. Feel free to join in!



Technically I’ve been spending most of the day reading the #BEA13 schedule in prep for tomorrow. I also just started THEN YOU WERE GONE by Lauren Strasnick, which Denise Jaden kindly mailed across the country (er, technically countries) so I could borrow it. I’m so glad she did! The writing is gorgeous and the story won’t let me go.



I’m 60k into the first draft of my new WIP. I’m going to keep the details mum on this one for now since it’s still in the very early stages and who knows what will change in revisions. All I’ll say is that it’s a high concept YA sci-fi. And it has lots and lots of kissing in it.

And I love working on it!



Pre-emptive answer: BEA. Because it always does. Even though I come home with achy feet, a sore back, and needing a year’s worth of sleep, I also always come back re-energized with writing and the publishing industry in general. It’s amazing to spend three days surrounded by book people who love reading books and love making books. Other things that are inspiring me not related to books: the gorgeous cinematography on Teen Wolf, which I’ve just started watching. The finish line getting closer and closer at the end of my draft. Lying in bed trying to sleep, apparently, since that’s when I get all my best ideas.



Well, you probably already guessed what I’m up to this weekend. I’ve also finished season 1 of Teen Wolf and I’m hoping to watch season 2 before season 3 begins. Then I’m going to move on to Arrested Development, which I have also never seen. And it’s my 3-year wedding anniversary next Wednesday. How has it already been 3 years? Not to mention that in July we’ll celebrate our 10-year dating anniversary. (And also the baby’s 1st birthday.)

Aside from reading and writing and that other thing that takes up my time from 8:30-4:30 on weekdays (coughWorkcough), I’ve been spring cleaning. We tackled the basement two weeks ago and our walk-in closet last weekend, throwing out anything we haven’t touched or worn in at least a year. Next on the list of things to put on trial: my beauty products. I have way too many, and I only use a select few. Bye bye hair gel, the tribe has spoken.


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  1. Hi concept YA sci-fi with loads of kissing? Awesome! My WIP could kind of be described that way too. 🙂 I’m so envious of everyone who gets to attend BEA. I’ll have to get around to it one year. I haven’t watched Teen Wolf at all, but now you’ve got me curious. I’ll have to check it out!

    • I only started watching Teen Wolf a few days ago and I’m obviously hooked. I usually binge on shows over the summer and this one is first up on my list!

      Also, your WIP sounds fabulous if it has loads of kissing in it!

  2. Lots of kissing? Count me in!!

    Like Jamie, I’ve got a green monster of envy for everyone going to BEA this year. I just started getting involved in the writing community about 2 months ago, so didn’t even know about it til recently. And it’s especially dis-heartening because I was in NYC LAST WEEK! If I had known, I could have pushed my trip back a week and gone. I’ll miss this year, but I sure hope to make it in the future.

    Teen Wolf, huh? I’ve never seen it, but a few years ago when it started, I remember my dad trying for an hour to get enough internet connection in the Idaho Mountains to watch the preview. Which, knowing my dad, his excitement for it was very surprising. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

    Found your blog through the links on Jamie’s page – I think I’ll stick around! 🙂

    • Aww but I hope you had fun in NYC, anyway? Technically I’m going to BEA through work (I work in publishing, but in the non-fiction side) so part of my time there will be spent meeting with clients and vendors. I will be said to divert my attention away from the shiny galleys for a bit!

  3. I don’t really go for romance books with lots of kissing–especially when plot takes a second place to love triangles and the like (not that your work is like that–just read too many of those kind of books). But I wish you every success with your WIP! 🙂

    And why am I surprised that graphic designers always have great looking blogs? I’ve thought about fixing up my blog myself, but I’m no artist by any stretch of the imagination. *sigh* oh well. Your blog looks spectacular, Shana. 🙂

  4. Oh, you’ve almost persuaded me to start watching Teen Wolf, which would be very very bad since I already watch about ten million shows. But gorgeous cinematography is my weakness (along with cute boys, which I hear that show has plenty of…)

    Spring cleaning always seems like a ton of work, but once everything’s neat and tidy it feels so much better. Good luck clearing out your beauty products–I have ten-year-old glitter eyeliners that I’m still struggling to part with (and I really, really should.)

  5. Sweet! The manuscript I’m getting ready to query is also YA sci-fi with lots of kissing, as is my current WIP. Hope your writing continues to go well and that you have an awesome time at BEA! Also, you’ve reminded me that I need to get on my spring cleaning asap before it turns into summer cleaning. 🙂

  6. Hooray for you for purging your closets… I have a big plan to go through the toys in our attic this summer. We haven’t had a big cull in a few years. They need to be shared with the goodwill. And hooray for BEA. Sounds like SUCH FUN. Enjoy!

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