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I’m slowly making it through my BEA pile. Right now I’m about 2/3 of the way through THESE BROKEN STARS by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner and I absolutely LOVE it! The best way I can describe it is Titanic set on a spaceship, crash included. The characters are very similar with a socialite in a fancy and uncomfortable stress and a guy from the wrong side of the galaxy. What I really love though is the authors turn this trope on its head by having the female be savvy enough to save their lives when it counts and the boy being a famous war hero and not just a street smart urchin.

It’s a survival story but it’s also a mystery about what exactly is wrong with the abandoned planet they’ve landed on. I have a huge place in my heart for science fiction, especially stories set in space or foreign planets thanks to my dad who very nearly went to school for Astronomy (he spent a year at MIT studying it in grad school before switching to optometry) and growing up hearing all about his fascination with space and science fiction. So anyway, I love it! And I should also note the writing itself is gorgeous.


I’m still writing that same sci-fi book, at about 75k now and I only have four scenes left to write! I so want to finish my first draft this week but my schedule keeps thwarting me (see below). It probably won’t happen until next week. Sigh. I’m aiming to at least write the big it-all-goes-to-hell chapter that comes next. On top of that, yesterday I got an idea for a MG and ended up outlining half the novel during a boring work meeting. Shh, don’t tell my boss. I’m super excited about this one. I’ve been wanting to write a MG for a while now.




All the books I’ve been reading at BEA, of course! FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell in particular. This book is about a girl who is more interested in the fake world of a story she loves (think Harry Potter) than the real world. All she wants to do is write fanfiction, putting her own spin on the canon of the tale, so much so that she ignores her own life in favor of the fictional characters. Not only did this book speak to my inner geek because there have been times I cared way too much about fictional characters even if I never wrote fanfiction. But what this book is also about is writing. The art of it. The act of it. How you get swept up in it and how sometimes there are obstacles inside yourself blocking you from putting words to paper.

I am going to share my favorite quote from the book with you (though please note this is from the ARC and the quote may change in the final print version). This quote is one I now have taped up at my desk at work. It’s one that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently as I near the end of my first draft. And it’s one that inspired a blog post I’m in the middle of composing and will hopefully post tomorrow.

Every word felt heavy and hurt, like Cath was chipping them one by one out of her stomach. That was the beauty in stacking up words–they got cheaper, the more you had of them. It would feel good to come back and cut this when she’d worked her way to something better



Busy busy busy! Last weekend we drove 5 hours each way to Boston for a wedding. We dropped the baby off at my in-laws and I was super excited for a good night’s sleep in the hotel room. But turns out after having a baby and not really drinking anything for almost two years due to being pregnant and then nursing, I am now a light weight. Yep. Three drinks spread out over the course of the night and the room was spinning. I feel like a freshman in college.

We also had Father’s Day brunch with my in-laws, of course!

This weekend I have a bachelorette party for my old college roommate (talk about feeling like a freshman!). We’re doing a cooking class, which I’m really excited about! And then the next day is the baby’s joint 1st birthday party with my nephew! Quinn doesn’t actually turn one until July 6, but my nephew turned one on May 8, so we’re splitting the difference and doing the party in between their birthdays since it’s the same guest list. And also because my sister lives in Florida and she’s only in town this weekend. I’m really excited to give Quinn a cake to smash (or more accurately, throw on the floor while laughing maniacally).


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  1. Okay, so I absolutely MUST get my hands on FANGIRL. I loved ELEANOR AND PARK and this sounds just as spectacularly awesome.

    Have a great week!

  2. THESE BROKEN STARS sounds so good! I can’t wait to get my hands on that one. I still haven’t read anything by Rainbow Rowell, but I’ve been hearing nothing but great things. I think it’s awesome that you used a boring work meeting to get some serious planning done on a story. Have fun writing your it-all-goes-to-hell chapter! 🙂

  3. You’re so close to THE END… I’m excited for you! Best of luck finishing in the coming days. I’m infinitely envious of your latest reads. THESE BROKEN STARS and FANGIRL are both high on my TBR list. Can’t wait until their debuts!

  4. Hope your schedule settles down a bit so you can write those final scenes. Good luck!

    I heard about Fangirl the other day. I think I’ll have to check it out.

  5. I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I can’t help it. I love FanGirl’s cover. I can’t wait till September when it comes out. These Broken Stars sounds awesome. I can’t wait to read! Good luck with your writing goals!

  6. THESE BROKEN STARS has one of the prettiest covers I’ve ever seen! FANGRIL sounds great. :)totally adding these in my TBR 🙂 Here’s to hoping your schedule gets easier. Good luck meeting these week’s goals,

  7. Oh, yay, you are so close! I loved THESE BROKEN STARS too (a friend snagged a copy at BEA) and I’m looking forward to FANGIRL. Wow, and I hope we’ll get to see an excerpt of your Sci-Fi soon too!

  8. That is such a gorgeous cover on THESE BROKEN STARS and it sounds good on top of it. Always nice if the story measures up to the pretty cover! Have fun celebrating your baby’s first birthday! That’s such a huge and exciting occasion! Also, best of luck in polishing off those last few scenes. I’m envious you’re so close to the end of your WIP!

  9. Ahhh, those are two books that I really want to read! My CP picked up These Broken Stars at BEA and said it was awesome.

    Good luck finishing your sci-fi! Power through! 🙂

  10. I am really curious to read Fangirl now! I also really want to read These Broken Stars (I love the title!)

    Good job on your writing. Hope you get time to finish it soon!

  11. FANGIRL looks awesome!!!

    I definitely know about sneaking writing at work – I luckily work from home now, but I used to bring my laptop to the office and secretly tap out a few scenes when no one was looking 🙂

  12. Wow, you made THESE BROKEN STARS sound really interesting…the cover has caught my eye a few times, but the way you described the story makes me really want to read it now!!

  13. THESE BROKEN STARS look awesome! And….I have to read FANGIRL once it comes out, I´ve heard so many great things about this book already 😀
    Good luck with the writing!

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