The Silver Lining | TV recap: Fall 2013 edition!

Back my popular demand, here is my recap of Fall 2013 TV!

Here are all the shows I am DVRing that are currently airing, just wrapped, or will be airing before the end of 2013.

How I Met Your Mother I am so freaking bored with this season. The pace is slow and the dragged out wedding weekend is unnecessary. Ted’s quest for getting Robin back bores me when we know who we ends up with. Except we don’t know who he ends up with because we DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HER. And I’m still not convinced ANYONE would be willing to put up with Ted. Also, why is Marshall on a random road trip? Plus, I wish my baby would stay that quiet on that long of a road trip. If I had other shows to watch at 8pm on Mondays, I’d be inclined to give this one up.
2 Broke Girls  I generally enjoy watching this show but I always save it on my DVR until I’m done watching the shows I like better.
Sleepy Hollow  This is my biggest surprise of the season so far. I almost didn’t watch the first episode because gore is not my thing and headless people tends to fit into that category. But I absolutely love it! Abbie is great, Ichabod is super sexy, and I really love the supernatural twists they are giving history.
Teen Mom 3  I have like 8 episodes saved on my DVR. I’ll watch this as an absolute last resort when I run out of everything else. I’m still annoyed that Mackenzie had her son (illegally) forward-facing in the car at 9 months old.
The Originals MmmmKlausmmmm. He is just so damn sexy. I don’t care if he kills a bajillion people, I’ll still watch as long as he speaks in that yummy accent and goes shirtless once in a while. I don’t really care about the battle for New Orleans but I don’t care that I don’t care. Not feeling Hayley (or even Elijah) but I like Rebekah still and the teenage witch storyline.
Ravenswood I don’t really get this show and how it can be clearly supernatural when the nearby town of Rosewood (Pretty Little Liars) is still in denial that there are no supernatural forces behind “A.” This show is trying to be separate but I can’t really separate it myself when there’s so much character crossover. Still, I do find this show intriguing. Maybe moreso than PLL, but that’s probably only because the mysteries on this haven’t been dragged out for seasons yet without going unanswered.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Oh Joss. You’re killing me here. I love all your stuff so so much but I am having such issues with this one. I don’t really get what this show is and I don’t think the writers do either. Not to mention I still don’t care about the characters and the character that is supposed to be our “eyes” into S.H.I.E.L.D. because she’s new is just so unlikable. I’m sticking it out because season 1 of Buffy wasn’t the greatest and look what that became. I have faith, Joss!
New Girl Hubs and I really love this show and one of our fave TV writers is now showrunners now. But this show really does not know what to do with the Winston character and they are turning him into a cartoon. Please stop. Actually, on second thought they don’t know what to do with any of the characters right now or even the Jess/Nick relationship.
Brooklyn 99 I think this show is hilarious! I consistently laugh out loud each week. And I don’t usually like cop shows.
Awkward I love the voice on this show and the supporting characters are still amazing as always. Tamara is awesome. Ming is awesome. Lissa and Sadie are awesome. But Jenna…is not. I know she’s supposed to be unlikable this season but she’s deserved to be unlikable for a lot longer than that.
The Goldbergs I’m not sure how I feel about this show. I was too young in the 80s to really get the inside jokes. I think the show is cute, but I don’t really feel invested.
Trophy Wife I watched the first episode and liked it. I watched the second episode and hated it. The rest are piling on my DVR and I’m not sure I want to continue.
The Mindy Project I watched all season 1 but I never reallllly liked it. I laughed a few times but that’s it. I’ve watched the first two episodes and the rest are piling on my DVR. Last year I only watched this when I ran out of everything else so I guess the same fate will apply here.
Pretty Little Liars I put this in Fall 2013 because of the Halloween episode. But all I want to say is I am SO GLAD the finally made Ezra evil. Because he’s been way too creepy for too long.
The Middle I adore this show. So so much.
The Tomorrow People I’m watching and I like the premise and the sci-fi twist on paranormal powers but I don’t really care about the characters or their quest yet. Though it was nice seeing Logan Echolls on here.
Modern Family This show has gotten worse, IMO. But I’m still watching.
Super Fun Night This is cute but also kind of meh.
Survivor This is a show I keep watching but never really enjoy it. I mostly fast forward through everything but the challenges. Even the tribal council.
Vampire Diaries Long time readers of this blog know this show is my guilty pleasure. Five seasons later and I still love love love it. My only complain is that sometimes Ian Somerhaulder wears shirts.
Parks and Recreation I’m really sad that Ann and Chris are leaving after 13 episodes. Leslie has been great as always but Ben has been kind of boring.
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland I think I’m the only one watching this show. You all know my love for all things Alice. Though the only thing this really resembles from the original is the characters’ names. I wish it aligned better or twisted up the original more.
Grey’s Anatomy Again, I’m still watching and never enjoying. I think I only watch for Jackson Avery’s pretty eyes.
Big Bang Theory This show is hilarious as always!
Glee I’ve been toying with giving up this one. The plotlines are ridiculous. WHY is Sue STILL trying to get rid of the Glee club? And how in the world is she Principal? It’s so ridiculous it’s beyond the realm of believability. But I like the song performances. Maybe I should just fast forward and watch those and ignore the plot.
The Crazy Ones I thought SMG was a terrible actress on Ringer but she’s much better here. I don’t really care for Robin William’s antics but I’m enjoying the show enough to stick with it.
Reign I’m not really all that into history but I am kind of liking this show.
The Millers I liked the first episode, hated the others. It’s now gone from my DVR.
White Collar I love the twisty way they solve mysteries and the constant blur of the line between Neil being good and evil. But I think he’s just a liiiiiitle too evil this season. I want to believe he’ll stay good, not the other way around.
The Neighbors I still find this show adorable.
Saturday Night Live Hasn’t been as good as in years’ past. Probably because of all their good people left and the people who have replaced them are forgettable.
Once Upon a Time I’m liking this show more this year. I adore the love triangle between Emma, Neal, and Hook. Though she should clearly be with Henry’s father, Hook IS pretty hot. So that’s a tough decision.
The Amazing Race I wish they would stop doing challenges that involve fish. Gross!
Revenge This show is much better this season. I love crazy Emily.
Witches of East End I am absolutely loving this show!
Masters of Sex I watched the first episode and liked it but haven’t had a chance to watch the rest yet. Will probably binge watch them in December.
Doctor Who Needless to say I am ridiculously excited about the DAY OF THE DOCTOR and the return of my beloved Ten. I am far less excited about Peter Capaldi.
Downton Abbey I am super excited to binge watch the most recent season soon, probably over Thanksgiving.

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