Jen Hayley gave me the idea for this writing manifesto:

  • Writing is the only thing I ever want to do.
  • Writing is not something I can quit. I know, I’ve tried.
  • I write even when I don’t want to, even when I have to start over from scratch, even when the path toward publication seems to take me backward instead of forward.
  • I write for the readers I hope will one day pick up my stories.
  • I write because I choose to. Every word I add to a story is a choice.
  • I write when an idea is so powerful, I need to get it out.
  • I write with silence, so I can listen to the characters.
  • I have never written a story without a romantic element.
  • I have always written stories I would want to read.
  • I write in spite of the heartbreak I’ve suffered in this business.
  • I don’t write when I’m tired or hungry.
  • I should write right now.
  • I might write the best scene/sentence/character I’ve ever written today. Because every day is an opportunity to do so.
  • I will write until I have nothing left to say.

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