The Silver Lining | March Madness is coming!

Get your typing fingers ready, writers. It’s that time of year again. Time for March Madness! No, not the boring basketball kind (okay, I actually do kind of like the basketball kind). The writing motivation kind!


March Madness is an annual challenge started by Denise Jaden for writers, readers, bloggers, or anyone who has a goal they want to achieve. Set a goal and we’ll hold you accountable for it! It’s a great motivational tool because the daily check ins offer a way to keep yourself on track while also helping you win fabulous prizes!

So think about what goal you want to challenge yourself with during the month of March. Off-peak NaNo-style first draft? Tackle that massive revision to-do list? Write and pre-schedule a bunch of blogs? Finally read behemoths like The Goldfinch or Infinite Jest?

I’m plotting (quite literally) a big revision of one of my WIPs that I’d like to complete in March. So big I’m even creating a revision schedule. I’m converting my book from straight-up contemp to magical realism, which basically requires an all new Act 1 (amongst other big changes). So let’s make a deal, blog readers. You hold me accountable and I’ll hold you accountable!

Here is the #MarchMadness blog schedule. Don’t forget to check in on Carol’s blog on Saturday March 1st to announce your goals!

Mondays –  Laura –

Tuesdays – Shari –

Wednesdays – Shana –

Thursdays – Denise –

Fridays –  Tonette –

Saturdays – Carol –

Sundays – Angelina –

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  1. Yes, it’s that time again. I can’t believe this will be my fifth year of participation! There’s just something about a public admission of a goal that guilts me into determination. LOL!

    I’ve already been over to Denise’s blog to drop my goal into a comment there. (Yes, TODAY is the goal-setting day, and it’s at HER blog — — but we’re flexible, aren’t we? It doesn’t matter where or when, as long as we just do it.)

    Looking forward to joining with you for another month of madness.

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