Hello lovely WIPsters! We’re not quite halfway there yet but almost. Last week I discussed using a revision schedule to break up your larger goal into bite-sized milestones. Did anyone try this method? If so, how did it go for you?

One thing I wanted to discuss today is setbacks. A setback can be of the time suck kind: your kid getting sick and needing attention when you normally write, unforeseen overtime at work, changed plans. Or it can be of the writing kind: realizing several chapters you just revised aren’t working and you need to rework them all over again with a new plot line, getting stuck on some aspect of your book like where to place a certain scene and trying it in several places results in a domino effect of changes, writing yourself into a corner, etc.

Almost all of the above happened to me last week. So I’m literally working on the same chapters I was last week but now they are newer chapters since I had to change the entire plot/setting/etc that happened in them. In my case, I was clinging too hard to the original straight contemporary of this version because I liked a particular sequence of events. But last Friday I had a lightbulb moment where I realized keeping that sequence made no sense in context anymore. It had to go but since I’d weaved the new plot around it, I had to unweave it all and put it back together again. In a different order this time.

So my schedule is blown but that’s okay. Because progress is progress!

But I’m curious. How do you handle a major change to your draft in the middle of drafting? Do you go back and fix it right away? Or do you make a note of what needs to change and tackle it in the next pass? Or another method entirely?

Sound off in the comments! And don’t forget to check in about your progress.

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