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The last few weeks have been pretty insanely awesome for me, both from a writing-standpoint and a day job standpoint. I’ve tweeted about most of this news, but I haven’t posted it here yet. So, here are some fun newsy updates from me.


1. I have a new agent!

A few weeks ago I signed with Jim McCarthy of Dystel and Goderich! I’m super excited to be working with him. I love his revision ideas for my YA sci-fi and I can’t wait to get started on revisions.

The query process ended up being a bit untraditional for me and happened relatively fast (basically about a month from first query to offer). I only sent 5 unsolicited queries (Jim was one of them) though I had roughly 15 full or partial requests from contests (I participated in #PITMAD, #RTSLAP, The Writer’s Voice, and Nest Pitch). I ended up with two offers of rep from two awesome agents (and all of this happened while at BEA!). Yay for a new agent!


2. I’m going to be a Pitch Wars mentor!

I’m ridiculously excited about this and I can’t wait to pay it forward since I had such a great time entering contests last month. More info about this in the next few weeks.


3.Day job funtimes!

I got a promotion at work! I’m now officially a Project Manager instead of an Associate Project Manager. Woohoo!


Woohoo! June has been very kind to me so far!

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  1. Wow! Shana, I missed ALL of this news. With how much I’m on twitter, you wouldn’t think that possible, but go figure… Huge congratulations on signing with Jim! and yay for pitchwars and promotions! :mrgreen:

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