A non-fantasy retelling of Alice In Wonderland in which Alice follows a rebellious new friend through the underground (i.e. secret society) of high school. Curiouser and curiouser.

  • Teaser #1: My fave scene from the book. Alice must work with her enemy on a common goal: breaking and entering.

The Art of Selling my Sister
Sibling rivalry goes too far when Kasey Fishbein, sixteen, ruins her older sister's life by destroying her chances at a college dance scholarship. Now, she has to fix things for Lara before their parents find out.

  • Teaser #1: The meet cute.
  • Teaser #2: First conversation between Protagonist and Love Interest. Kasey and Finn have their first conversation. Good for the reader, but unfortunately for them, it doesnŐt go as planned.
  • Teaser #3: My fave scene from the book. The characters are hijacking a cruise ship newlywed game by pretending to be married

Premature Evacuation
A girl lies her way into an elite sorority, and when her lies catch up to her, the sorority gets shut down.

Moxie (title to change)
Moxie Crane, a free-spirit girl with an unconventional homelife, wants to find the one thing her stripper-mother never gave her...a sense of family. Desperate to avoid following in her mother's 5-inch stiletto footsteps, she seeks out and forces herself to fit in with some kids from an adjacent town's youth group. Kids who don't know about her mother. There she meets Gavin Tully, a boy whose hyper-religious parents shelter him. In each other, Moxie and Gavin find the things they've been missing: his family welcomes her into their conventional daily life and she shows Gavin how to bend the rules without getting caught. But when Moxie convinces Gavin to take his rebellion one step too far and her wholesome cover is blown in the process, she may lose the family she worked so hard to get.

  • Teaser #1: The Meet Cute. Moxie follows an ad left on a grocery store bulletin board about a band audition. It leads her to an unexpected location.
  • Teaser #2: My fave scene from the book. The scene where they finally get together! Well, sort of. Too bad he runs away from home right after this scene.