Shana Silver: YA writer

*Please note, these projects are old. If you are an editor interested in my newer projects, please contact my agent Jim McCarthy.


YA Sci Fi: 80k
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Normal after school jobs are overrated, so seventeen-year-old Arden Varga steals her classmates’ memories and sells them to other students. Who wouldn’t pay top dollar for a night as the homecoming queen? Arden’s making serious bank until someone from her school for science geniuses hacks her mind-uploading app and erases her memories’ greatest hits. Vivid flashbacks rip her out of the present and dump her into past mistakes she never wanted to relive. Those forgotten experiences all feature a boy named Sebastian Cuomo, a rival classmate who breaks into school to do homework and makes even quantum physics sound sexy. Unfortunately he can’t remember her either, but the past reveals they’ve been harboring a secret time manipulation project together…and a secret relationship.

As they team up to investigate how to stop the disruptive flashbacks, who carved out their minds, and what they mean to each other, the hacker uses their secret app to make time itself go backward. With the clock counting in the wrong direction and time keeping Arden in the past longer and longer, she must find the culprit before she’s trapped forever living life in reverse.


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YA Magical Realism: 75k

Executing her brother’s dying wish to uncover the last drop of the Fountain of Youth pits seventeen-year-old Mallory against her friends—and enemies—in an epic search to find it before death claims her too.





Published in the fall 2007 issue of ShatterColors Literary Review.

My stepbrother shuts me out of his life. Again. As the door slams, I scrunch up my nose, hoping that squeezing my face will somehow lessen the impact. Pausing in the hallway outside his room, I savor the one moment of silence before it all begins. I imagine Cody unzipping the guitar case, polishing the wood with his sleeve to remove any dust that built up from yesterday’s session, bending his head forward as he puts on the strap, messing up his spiky hair. Read The Rest


Published in the Spring 2007 issue of The Hiss Quarterly James People always say love is blind. Why limit love to only one handicap? I love Susan. The way her laugh exudes from her body as an extension of herself, as if she’s Athena springing from Zeus’ skull. The way she always knows what I’m thinking, and never lets me forget it. I’ve always loved her. From the moment I met her. But I never gave her my all, myself. I admit I’m ashamed of my meanderings. Susan doesn’t deserve this. She’s given me nothing but love. I’ve given her love back, just not in equal proportion. I’ve split my devotion between Susan and my secret lovers. Read The Rest


Published in the August 2007 issue of Shine Journal When I arrived at Tonya’s dorm, her wet hair dripped onto the linoleum floor. She smelled like vanilla soap and wore her lavender terry cloth robe, the one that matched her sheets. My first thought was, easy access, but now I think she probably just wanted to get it over with. She nodded at me, and I smiled. Read The Rest


Published in he January 2007 issue of The Deepending (now defunct) The sun shines down on the lawn and the leaves rustle in an energetic show of enthusiasm. There are footprints left in the matted-down grass. Five minutes ago those blades stood strong. This is the evidence I’m leaving. These are my marks. Read The Rest

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